Marc Feeley

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Name: Marc Feeley

Country: Canada

Affiliation: Université de Montréal

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Research interests: Programming languages, Functional programming, Compilation, Parallelism, Embedded systems


VMIL 2018Author of Building JIT Compilers For Dynamic Languages With Low Development Effort within the VMIL 2018-track
Author of Twopy: A Just-In-Time Compiler For Python Based On Code Specialization within the VMIL 2018-track
Scheme 2018Committee Member in Steering Committee within the Scheme 2018-track
Author of Tail Calling Between Code Generated by C and Native Backends within the Scheme 2018-track
Scheme 2017Author of Panel: Future of Scheme within the Scheme 2017-track
Committee Member in Steering Committee within the Scheme 2017-track
DLS 2017Session Chair of Session 4 (part of DLS 2017)
Committee Member in Program Committee within the DLS 2017-track
ELS 2017Committee Member in Program Committee within the ELS 2017-track
Scheme 2016Committee Member in Steering Committee within the Scheme-track
ECOOP 2017Author of Interprocedural Specialization of Higher-Order Dynamic Languages Without Static Analysis within the ECOOP Research Papers-track
ECOOP 2016Author of Interprocedural Type Specialization of JavaScript Programs Without Type Analysis within the Research Track-track
DLS 2015Author of Compiling for Multi-Language Task Migration within the DLS-track
ECOOP 2015Author of Simple and Effective Type Check Removal through Lazy Basic Block Versioning within the Research Track-track