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Name:Markus Völter

Markus helps organisations uncover, understand and operationalize the knowledge at the core of their business, building a common foundation between business and IT. He designs and implements languages to capture and validate this knowledge, and to make it executable on modern IT platforms.

As a language engineer, he analyses domains; designs user-friendly languages and supporting analyses; implements language tools and IDEs; and architects efficient and reliable backends based on interpreters and generators. He also works on formalisms and meta-tools for language engineering.

For 20 years, Markus has consulted, coached and developed in a wide range of industries, including finance, automotive, health, science and IT. He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, has written several books on the subject and spoken at many industry conferences world-wide.

Markus holds a diploma in physical engineering from FH Ravensburg-Weingarten and a PhD in computer science from TU Delft.

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Research interests:Model-Driven Engineering, Domain-Specific Languages, Language Engineering, Knowledge Representation


SLE 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee within the SLE-track
MODELS 2020 Speaker of Systems Engineering on the Web: a language-workbench perspective within the Workshops-track
IC 2019 Session Chair of Databases & Semantics (part of IC 2019)
SLE 2019 Author of Shadow Models [Tool Demo] -- Incremental Transformations for MPS within the SLE 2019-track
ECOOP 2019 Author of The future of DSLs: functions and formal methods within the Curry On-track
SLEBoK 2018 Committee Member in Program Committee within the SLEBoK 2018-track
SPLASH 2018 Author of Incrementalizing Lattice-Based Program Analyses within the Artifacts-track
Author of Incrementalizing Lattice-Based Program Analyses in Datalog within the OOPSLA-track
PX/18 Committee Member in Program Committee within the PX/18-track
GPCE 2017 Committee Member in Program Committee within the GPCE 2017-track
IC 2017 Author of IncAL: A DSL for Incremental Program Analysis with Lattices within the IC 2017-track
LWC@SLE 2016 Session Chair of Session 2 (part of LWC)
Session Chair of Discussion (part of LWC)
Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the LWC-track
DSLDI 2016 Committee Member in Program Committee within the DSLDI-track
SPLASH 2016 Speaker of How Domain Requirements Shape Languages within the SPLASH-I-track
GPCE 2016 Committee Member in Program Committee within the GPCE-track
SLE 2016 Author of Efficient Development of Consistent Projectional Editors using Grammar Cells within the SLE-track
ITSLE 2016 Session Chair of Industrial applications (part of ITSLE)
Author of Keynote: Lessons learned about language engineering from the development of mbeddr within the ITSLE-track
SPLASH 2015 Author of Language-Oriented Business Applications: Helping End Users become Programmers within the SPLASH-I-track
Author of Using C Language Extensions for Developing Embedded Software: A Case Study within the OOPSLA-track
SLE 2015 Program Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
Session Chair of SLE/GPCE Keynote (part of SLE)
Author of Opening within the SLE-track
DSM 2015 Author of Towards Improving Software Security using Language Engineering and mbeddr C within the DSM-track
DSLDI Committee Member in Program Committee within the DSLDI-track
SLE 2013 Author of The State of the Art in Language Workbenches within the Research Papers-track
DSM 2012 Committee Member in Program committee within the DSM 2012-track