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Name:Sarah Beecham

I am a Senior Research Fellow in Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre, based at the University of Limerick, Ireland ( I joined Lero in 2009, to conduct research into software quality and process improvement. My wider interests are in socio-technical aspects of software engineering to include Software Engineer motivation, agile methods, distributed software development, and how technology impacts the lives of the older adult. I work closely with industry, where my research is problem driven. I am also interested in the education of the next generation of software engineers. In my empirical research I employ both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Affiliation:Lero - The Irish Software Research Centre and University of Limerick
Research interests:Global Software Development, Software Engineer Motivation, Evidence Based Software Engineering, Software Engineering Education, Fault Prediction, Software Process Improvement, Agile and Lean practices


ICSE 2021 SCORE Co-Chair in Organizing Committe
Session Chair of Awards Announcement 8 (part of Awards)
SER&IP '21 Author of Globally Distributed Development during COVID-19 within the SER&IP '21-track
SEH 2021 Author of The case of Golden Jubilants: using a prototype to support healthcare technology research within the SEH 2021-track
SCORE 2021 Organizing Chair in Organizing Committee within the SCORE 2021-track
Session Chair of SCORE Finalists presentation (part of SCORE 2021)
ICSSP/ICGSE 2021 Author of Do Scaling Agile Frameworks Address Global Software Development Risks? An Empirical Study within the Journal-First-track
ICGSE 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee
ICSSP 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee within the ICSSP 2020-track
ICSE 2019 SEET Chair in Organizing Committee
SEET Chair in Program Committee within the Software Engineering Education and Training -track
Author of ICSE Papers Awards (NIER, SEET, Doctoral Symposium) within the Plenary-track
ICGSE 2019 Author of How Best to Teach Global Software Engineering? Educators are Divided within the ICGSE 2019 Journal-First Paper Presentations-track
Experience Report Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
Experience Report Co-Chair in Program Committee within the ICGSE 2019 Experience Reports-track
ICSSP 2019 Author of TWINS – This Workflow Is Not Scrum: Agile Process Adaptation for Open Source Software Projects within the ICSSP 2019-track
* ICSE 2018 * Author of Poster W2: An Empirical Study of the Product Owner Role in Scrum within the Posters -track
Committee Member in DS Program committee within the DS - Doctoral Symposium -track
ICGSE 2018 Author of Scaling Agile across the Global Organization: An Early Stage Industrial SAFe Self-Assessment within the ICGSE 2018-track
Author of Employee Retention and Turnover in Global Software Development: Comparing In-house Offshoring and Offshore Outsourcing within the ICGSE 2018-track
Session Chair of Fishbowl: “The future of global software engineering – trends, patterns and industries – A new normal?” (part of ICGSE 2018)