Mon 20 - Tue 21 October 2014 Portland, Oregon, United States
co-located with SPLASH 2014

ăgo ăgo, ăgis, egi, actum, ăgĕre - latin verb meaning to act, to lead, to do, common root for actors and agents.

The fundamental turn of software into concurrency and distribution is not only a matter of performance, but also of design and abstraction. It calls for programming paradigms that, compared to current mainstream paradigms, would allow us to more naturally think about, design, develop, execute, debug, and profile systems exhibiting different degrees of concurrency, autonomy, decentralization of control, and physical distribution.

AGERE! is an ACM SIGPLAN workshop dedicated to focusing on and developing the research on programming systems, languages and applications based on actors, agents and any related programming paradigm promoting a decentralized mindset in solving problems and in developing systems to implement such solutions.

All stages of software development are considered interesting for the workshop, including requirements, modeling, formalisation, prototyping, design, implementation, tooling, testing, and any other means of producing running software based on actors and agents as first-class abstractions. The scope of the workshop includes aspects that concern both the theory and the practice of design and programming using such paradigms, so as to bring together researchers working on models, languages and technologies, as well as practitioners using such technologies to develop real-world systems and applications.

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Mon 20 Oct
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08:30 - 10:00: AGERE! - Opening & Invited Talk & Full-Papers I at Salon D
agere201408:30 - 08:35
Day opening
agere201408:35 - 09:35
Gul AghaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
agere201409:35 - 10:00
Shams ImamRice University, Vivek SarkarRice University
15:30 - 17:00: AGERE! - Short Papers, Posters and Brainstorming at Salon D
agere201415:30 - 15:45
Shams ImamRice University, Vivek SarkarRice University
agere201415:45 - 15:50
agere201415:50 - 15:55
Mehdi BagherzadehIowa State University, Hridesh Rajan
agere201415:55 - 16:00
Xinghui ZhaoUniversity of Washington, Hua Zhang, Nadeem JamaliUniversity of Saskatchewan
agere201416:00 - 16:55
agere201416:55 - 17:00
Day closing

Call For Submissions

The Fourth Workshop on Programming based on Actors, Agents, and Decentralized Control (AGERE) at SPLASH 2014.

See the following web site for further information on AGERE 2014: