Registrations are now open for ISEC 2024. You have to register online for the conference using the link below.

The registration fee covers the entire three-day conference (all tracks, workshops, tutorials, etc.). There is no separate registration for a single day or to a specific track.

Registration Instructions:

  1. At least one author of each research paper must register at a non-student (i.e., Academic or Professional) rate.

  2. Each Doctoral Symposium speaker must register at the non-student rate (i.e., full Academic rate)

  3. For each workshop, at least one proposer/organizer must register at a non-student rate. For each tutorial, at least one presenter must register at a non-student rate.

  4. For each SEIP presentation, at least one presenter must register at a non-student rate.

  5. The last date for all author/proposer/presenter registrations mentioned above is 20th Jan 2024. For other participants, the last date to register is 22nd February 2024.

  6. For each registrant who is presenting a paper at the research track or Doctoral Symposium track, or is organizing any workshop or tutorial or going to give a presentation in SEIP, please provide the complete title of your paper/presentation/poster in the appropriate text box in the registration form.

Note: Only bonafide students can register at the student rate, and only bonafide University or College faculty or employees can register at the Academic rate.

Registration Rates:

Category Fee (in INR) GST (in INR) Total (in INR)
Professional (Member of ACM) 10,000 1,800 11,800
Professional (Non-member of ACM) 12,000 2,160 14,160
Academician (Member of ACM) 5,000 900 5,900
Academician (Non-member of ACM) 7,000 1,260 8,260
Student (Member of ACM) 2,500 450 2,950
Student (Non-member of ACM) 3,000 540 3,540

Have questions?

Any ISEC 2024 registration related questions or requests for GST Bills can be directed to

Bulk registration

If your company is going to register more than 10 employees, you will get a discount. Please send email to the ID above to inquire.