ICPC 2018
Sun 27 - Mon 28 May 2018 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Sun 27 May 2018 14:34 - 14:51 at R2 - Logs and Dynamic Analysis Chair(s): Giuliano Antoniol

Log statements are widely used for postmortem debugging. Despite the importance of log messages, it is difficult for developers to establish good logging practices. There are two main reasons for this. First, there are no rigorous specifications or systematic processes to guide the practices of software logging. Second, logging code co-evolves with bug fixes or feature updates. While previous works on log enhancement have successfully focused on the first problem, they are hard to solve the latter. For taking the first step towards solving the second problem, this paper is inspired by code clones and assumes that logging code with similar context is pervasive in software and deserves similar modifications. To verify our assumptions, we conduct an empirical study on eight open-source projects. Based on the observation, we design and implement LogTracker, an automatic tool that can predict log revisions by mining the correlation between logging context and modifications. With an enhanced modeling of logging context, LogTracker is able to guide more intricate log revisions that cannot be covered by existing tools. We evaluate the effectiveness of LogTracker by applying it to the latest version of subject projects. The results of our experiments show that LogTracker can detect 199 instances of log revisions. So far, we have reported 25 of them, and 6 have been accepted.

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Sun 27 May
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14:00 - 15:30: Technical Research - Logs and Dynamic Analysis at R2
Chair(s): Giuliano AntoniolPolytechnique Montréal
icpc-2018-Technical-Research14:00 - 14:17
Diego CastroRio de Janeiro State University, Marcelo SchotsRio de Janeiro State University
icpc-2018-Technical-Research14:17 - 14:34
Salma MessaoudiUniversity of Luxembourg, Annibale PanichellaDeflt University of Technology, Domenico BianculliUniversity of Luxembourg, Lionel BriandSnT Centre/University of Luxembourg, Raimondas SasnauskasSES
icpc-2018-Technical-Research14:34 - 14:51
Shanshan Li, Xu Niu, Zhouyang JiaNational University of Defense Technology, Ji Wang, Haochen HeNational University of Defense Technology, Teng WangNational University of Defense Technology
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icpc-2018-Technical-Research14:51 - 15:08
Anas ShatnawiUniversity of Milano-Bicocca, Hudhaifa ShatnawiMaharishi University of Management, Mohamed Aymen SaiedConcordia University, Zakarea Al SharaLIRMM, CNRS and University of Montpellier, Houari SahraouiUniversity of Montreal, Abdelhak SeriaiLIRMM, CNRS and University of Montpellier