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SSBSE 2021
Mon 11 - Tue 12 October 2021
co-located with ESEM 2021
Tue 12 Oct 2021 11:30 - 12:00 at SSBSE ROOM - SSBSE Session 4 Chair(s): Giovani Guizzo

The cost of a fitness evaluation is often cited as one of the weaknesses of Search-Based Software Engineering: to obtain a single final solution, a meta-heuristic search algorithm has to evaluate the fitness of many interim solutions. Recently, a sampling-based approach called SWAY has been introduced as a new baseline that can compete with state-of-the-art search algorithms with significantly fewer fitness evaluations. However, SWAY has been introduced and evaluated only in numeric and Boolean decision spaces. This paper extends SWAY to permutation decision space: we start by presenting the theoretical formulation of the permutation decision space and the distance function required by SWAY and evaluate our formulation using the Test Case Prioritisation (TCP) problem as a benchmark. The results show that SWAY for permutations can be competitive against the additional greedy algorithm, which is the most widely used heuristic baseline for TCP.

Tue 12 Oct

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11:30 - 12:30
SSBSE Session 4Research Papers at SSBSE ROOM
Chair(s): Giovani Guizzo University College London
Preliminary Evaluation of SWAY in Permutation Decision Space via a Novel Euclidean Embedding
Research Papers
Junghyun Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Chani Jung Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Yoo Hwa Park Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Dongmin Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Juyeon Yoon Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Shin Yoo KAIST
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Enhancing Resource-based Test Case Generation For RESTful APIs with SQL Handling
Research Papers
Man Zhang Kristiania University College, Norway, Andrea Arcuri Kristiania University College and Oslo Metropolitan University