CAIN 2022
Mon 16 - Tue 17 May 2022
co-located with ICSE 2022


The recorded videos of CAIN have now been published and are available on YouTube (Link Here)

The notes from the interactive session are now published online (Link Here)


The tentative program is online:


We are excited to announce the following two keynotes.

  • Saleema Amershi (Microsoft Research): Challenges in creating responsible and human-centered AI
  • Christopher Re (Stanford University): Software 2.0, Foundation Models, Data-Centric AI, and why I’m excited enough to tolerate these buzzwords.

Accepted contributions

We are excited to announce the list of accepted papers, industry talks, and posters.

Welcome to CAIN’22 - 1st International Conference on AI Engineering – Software Engineering for AI

May 16-17 On-line

The aim of CAIN’22 is to bring together researchers and practitioners in software engineering, in data-science and AI, and to build up a community that will target the new challenges emerging in Software Engineering for AI-enabled systems.

In development and implementation of AI-enabled systems, the main challenge is not to develop the best models/algorithms, but to provide support for the entire lifecycle – from a business idea, through collection, training, and management of data, code development, product deployment and operation, and its maintenance and evolution. There is a clear need for specific support of Software Engineering for AI.

CAIN has the following goals for the next few years.

  • Identify the main challenges of AI engineering, from an AI and SE perspective, considering industrial needs and their current experiences;
  • Create a roadmap capturing the research directions in AI engineering in relation to AI-based systems lifecycle;
  • Contribute to a better understating of practical problems and understanding differences in approaches of data science and AI/ML and SE;
  • Identify industrial challenges in building and using AI-enabled systems and contribute to solving them
  • Build a thriving community of SE, and data-science and AI practitioners and researchers.

CAIN’22 will have all sessions in a single track. The following sessions are planned:

  • Invited keynotes and panels
  • Presentation of accepted papers
  • Industrial Talks
  • Poster presentations