EDTConf 2024
Mon 23 - Tue 24 September 2024 Linz, Austria

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The 1st International Conference on Engineering Digital Twins (EDTconf 2024) will be held in Linz, Austria on September 23 - 24, co-located with MODELS 2024, the ACM / IEEE 27th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems.

Aims and scope

The International Conference on Engineering DTs (EDTconf) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners on DTs, from both academia and industry, and from different engineering disciplines and application domains to shape the future of systematically designing, developing, deploying, evolving, maintaining, and validating DTs.

Digital Twins (DTs) have emerged over the last decade as a key technology to better understand, use, monitor, and improve systems in a broad range of application domains, including agriculture, automotive, avionics, construction, health care, manufacturing, smart cities, and many more. DTs are based on the use of data and models, and their development requires the integration of different technologies for diverse purposes, including design-space exploration, virtual commissioning, and behavior optimization. Their development is a multi-disciplinary process that requires the collaboration of experts from different disciplines and application domains. This includes software engineers at the core of the DT engineering process to architect, develop, deploy, test, evolve, and validate the DT software, but also engineers from other engineering disciplines with domain expertise in the specific aspects of the DTs. Even though the use of DT is growing at a fast pace, their development is still generally conducted in an ad hoc manner. The lack of systematic frameworks and approaches represents a main obstacle to the rapid and scalable development of industrial DTs.


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