EDTConf 2024
Mon 23 - Tue 24 September 2024 Linz, Austria

Nicolaus Hanowski, European Space Agency (ESA)

ESA Digital Twin Earth

ESA is implementing two large Digital Twin Earth programmes that are aimed at transforming traditional Earth Observation which provides information about the past and present of the Earth into predictive Earth Observation and corresponding future scenarios. As part of the recently launched EU programme “Destination Earth” ESA has developed and operates the Digital Twin Earth Core Service Platform. In addition, ESA is implementing a complementary Digital Twin Earth programme which aims at integrating a wide range of Earth System themes and communities for the expansion of applications and services of the Digital Twin of the Earth.


Nicolaus Hanowski holds a Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Sciences. He started as a researcher in the US and then transferred to Mission Operations at the German Space Operations Centre. In 2009 he joined ESA and became responsible for the development of Science Ground Segments for missions, such Rosetta, Gaia, JWST, Solar Orbiter and Euclid in the Science Directorate. Since 2014 he is responsible for the Operations and Ground Segments of the ESA Earth Observation Missions and the Copernicus Sentinel satellites and the corresponding data management aspects at ESA.