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Mikel Robredo

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Name:Mikel Robredo

As a Data Scientist specialising in Computational Statistics, my Ability & Expertise provide skills such as:

  • Predictive Analytics (Time series Analysis, ML Algorithms, DL networks…)
  • Computational Statistics (Hypothesis Testing, Statistical Modelling, GLM…)
  • Data Mining pipelines and database management (APIs, Hypercomputing, bash scripting, code design pattern)
  • Experience in projects with Python, R, Scala (Spark) and C++.
  • Linux shell, remote computing, Windows CMD, Git (Advanced workflow).

I gained this experience and further skills thanks to my Master’s degree in Computing Sciences with a Major in Statistical Data Analytics at Tampere University (Finland). With an average grade of 4.8/5, I got a position as a Research Assistant in the M3S Research Unit at the University of Oulu (Finland). This labour and academic experience helped me learn:

  • Statistical Data Analysis in longitudinal studies within the field of Empirical Software Engineering.
  • Experience in Mining Software Repositories with data resources such as GitHub, Jira (Atlassian), and SonarSource.
  • Architectural knowledge about microservices technologies, e.g., Docker, Kubernetes…
  • Time-dependent analysis in Version Control data (Git).

After 6 months of research experience, I was offered a Doctoral Researcher position (present) as a Statistical Data Scientist in Software Engineering. My main responsibilities as well as goals are:

  • Investigating potential statistical analysis techniques to treat time-dependent features in Technical Debt research.
  • Validation of potential Time Series Analysis techniques for Fault Detection and Predictive Analysis in Software Engineering.
  • Validation of Cohort Study methodology implemented in Empirical Software Engineering studies.

At this initial stage of my career, I am interested in deepening my knowledge in Statistics, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, and bringing my strong background into an applied field such as Software Engineering. My goal is to strengthen my knowledge of Software Engineering to implement my analytical skills into industry-based research in the future.

Affiliation:University of Oulu
Research interests:Statistics, Machine Learning, Empirical Software Engineering, Deep Learning


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