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Name:Alexander Egyed

Alexander Egyed is Professor for Software-Intensive Systems at the Johannes Kepler University, Austria. He received his Doctorate from the University of Southern California, USA and worked in industry for many years. He is most recognized for his work on software and systems design – particularly on variability, consistency, and traceability.

Affiliation:Johannes Kepler University Linz
Research interests:Software Engineering


MODELS 2022 Steering Committee Member in Steering Committee
MODELS 2021 Committee Member in Steering Committee
GPCE 2021 Author of The Life Cycle of Features in Highly-Configurable Software Systems Evolving in Space and Time within the GPCE-track
ICSSP/ICGSE 2021 Author of Hierarchical Distribution of Consistency-relevant Changes in a Collaborative Engineering Environment within the Research Papers-track
Author of TaskAllocator: A Recommendation Approach for Role-based Tasks Allocation in Agile Software Development within the Research Papers-track
Author of Timestamp-based Consistency Checking of Collaboratively Developed Engineering Artifacts within the Research Papers-track
Author of Do Communities in Developer Interaction Networks Align with Subsystem Developer Teams? An Empirical Study of Open Source Systems within the Research Papers-track
ICSE 2023 Program Committee Member in Technical Track within the Technical Track-track
MSR 2021 Author of A Traceability Dataset for Open Source Systems within the Data Showcase-track
ICSSP 2020 Author of Process Inspection Support: an Industrial Case Study within the ICSSP 2020-track
MODELS 2020 Speaker of Keynote by Alexander Egyed within the Workshops-track
Committee Member in Steering Committee
MSR 2020 Author of A Mixed Graph-Relational Dataset of Socio-technicalInteractions in Open Source Systems within the Data Showcase-track
ICSE 2021 Author of Inconsistency-tolerating guidance for software engineering processes within the NIER - New Ideas and Emerging Results-track
Author of Validation Obligations: A Novel Approach to check Compliance between Requirements and their Formal Specification within the NIER - New Ideas and Emerging Results-track
Author of Supporting Quality Assurance with Automated Process-Centric Quality Constraints Checking within the Technical Track-track
Author of Guiding engineers with the Passive Process Engine Environment within the DEMO - Demonstrations-track
Author of Team-oriented Consistency Checking of Heterogeneous Engineering Artifacts within the Posters-track
SLE 2019 Author of Detecting and Exploring Side Effects when Repairing Model Inconsistencies within the SLE 2019-track
ICGSE 2019 Author of Supporting A Flexible Grouping Mechanism for Collaborating Engineering Teams within the ICGSE 2019 Research Papers-track
ICPC 2019 Author of Using Frugal User Feedback with Closeness Analysis on Code to Improve IR-Based Traceability Recovery within the ICPC 2019 Technical Research-track
ICSE 2020 Author of TimeTracer: A Tool for Back in Time Traceability Replaying within the Demonstrations-track
ICSE 2019 Author of Supporting the Statistical Analysis of Variability Models within the Technical Track-track
* ICSE 2018 * Author of Poster T41: An Automated and Instant Discovery of Concrete Repairs for Model Inconsistencies within the Posters -track
Author of Does the Propagation of Artifact Changes across Tasks reflect Work Dependencies? within the Technical Papers -track