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Name:Clemente Izurieta

Dr. Izurieta is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science department at Montana State University. Born in Santiago, Chile. His research interests include empirical software engineering, design and architecture of software systems, design patterns, the measurement of software quality and ecological modeling. Dr. Izurieta has approximately 16 years experience working for various R&D labs at Hewlett Packard and Intel Corporation. Dr. Izurieta is the director of the Software Engineering Labs (SEL) in the Gianforte School of Computing.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Montana State University
Research interests:Software Engineering, Quality Assurance, Technical Debt, Modeling


ESEIW 2023 General Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
TechDebt 2023 PC Member in Technical Papers within the Technical Papers-track
CIbSE 2023 Committee Member in Program commmite
MSR4P&S 2022 Programme Committee in Program Committee within the MSR4P&S 2022-track
TechDebt 2022 USA in Program Committee within the Technical Papers-track
ESEM 2021 Committee Member in Technical Track PC within the Technical Papers-track
EASE 2021 Author of Surveying Software Practitioners on Technical Debt Payment Practices and Reasons for not Paying off Debt Items within the EASE 2020-track
CHASE 2021 Author of How Experience Impacts Practitioners’ Perception of Causes and Effects of Technical Debt within the Research Papers-track
TechDebt 2021 PC Member in Programme Committee within the Technical Papers-track
TechDebt 2020 Author of Opening within the TechDebt 2020-track
General Chair in Organizing Committee within the TechDebt 2020-track
Session Chair of Opening (part of TechDebt 2020)
Session Chair of Panel and Closing Statements (part of TechDebt 2020)
TechDebt 2019 Session Chair of Discussion (part of TechDebt 2019)
Author of Leveraging SecDevOps to Tackle the Technical Debt Associated with Cybersecurity Attack Tactics within the TechDebt 2019-track
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Session Chair of Managing Technical Debt (part of TechDebt 2019)
TechDebt 2018 Session Chair of Panel Discussion (part of TechDebt 2018)
Session Chair of Tools Track (part of TechDebt 2018)
Tools Chair in Organizing Committee within the TechDebt 2018-track
Author of A Position Study to Investigate Technical Debt Associated with Security Weaknesses within the TechDebt 2018-track
Author of Tools Track Introduction within the TechDebt 2018-track