Ana Maria Oprescu

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Name:Ana Maria Oprescu

Ana Oprescu is Assistant Professor in the Complex CyberInfrastructure research group in the Institute of Informatics (IvI) at the University of Amsterdam since 2021. Previously she was a lecturer in the Parallel Computing Systems research group in the same institute. She is chairwoman of the Admissions Board and of the Programme Committee for the Software Engineering master, as well as a member of the Women in the Faculty of Science (WiF) board. She received her Senior Teaching Qualification in 2020. Her research goal is to understand the fundamental laws governing the complexity of modern software services such that we can eventually build controllable complex software services. She has participated in several FP7 and H2020 projects (XtreemOS, Contrail), and has recently very successfully (83/100) concluded an Erasmus+ project (3COWS). She is now the de-facto implementation WP leader for the AMdEX initiative. She published more than 40 articles in international conferences and journals.

Affiliation:University of Amsterdam
Research interests:fundamental laws of software services, energy-driven software engineering, software quality, software testing


ICT4S 2023 Author of Energy cost and machine learning accuracy impact of k-anonymisation and synthetic data techniques within the Research Papers-track
ICT4S 2022 Author of Finding Significant Differences in the Energy Consumption when Comparing Programming Languages and Programs. within the Research Papers-track
Author of Energy Cost and Accuracy Impact of K-Anonymity within the Research Papers-track
ICST 2022 Author of Translating EULYNX SysML models into Symbolic Transition Systems for Model-Based Testing of Railway signaling systems within the Industry-track
Author of Testing a PL/I Compiler using Precomputation-based Program Generation within the Industry-track
Mutation 2021 Author of MutantBench: an Equivalent Mutant Problem Comparison Framework within the Mutation 2021-track
MSR 2020 Author of Investigating Severity Thresholds for Test Smells within the Technical Papers-track