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Name:Bestoun S. Ahmed

Received the B.Sc. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Salahaddin-Erbil, in 2004, an M.Sc. degree from University Putra Malaysia, in 2009, and the Ph.D. degree in software engineering from University Sains Malaysia (USM), in 2012. He was a Research Fellow with the Software Engineering Research Group, USM. He was a Senior Lecturer at Salahaddin University. He pursued his Postdoctoral research at the Swiss AI Lab Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull’Intelligenza Artificiale (IDSIA), Switzerland. He was also an Assistant Professor and founder of Software Testing Intelligent Lab (STILL) at Czech Technical University, Prague. He is currently an Associate Professor (Docent) at Karlstad University, Sweden. His primary research interests are Software Engineering for AI (SE4AI), Quality assurance for IoT systems, MLOps, combinatorial testing, search-based software testing, and computational intelligence.

Affiliation:Karlstad University Sweden
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Research interests:Software Testing, Combinatorial Interaction Testing, Search-based Software Testing


INTUITESTBEDS 2022 Author of Overview of Test Coverage Criteria for Test Case Generation from Finite State Machines Modelled as Directed Graphs within the INTUITESTBEDS 2022-track
ITEQS 2022 Author of Prioritized Variable-length Test Cases Generation for Finite State Machines within the ITEQS 2022-track
PC Member in Program Committee within the ITEQS 2022-track
EASE 2022 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Vision and Emerging Results Track-track
EASE 2021 Committee Member in Program committee within the Vision and Emerging Results Track-track
ITEQS 2021 PC Member in Program Committee within the ITEQS 2021-track
ESEC/FSE 2022 Author of Testing of Machine Learning Models with Limited Samples: An Industrial Vacuum Pumping Application within the Industry Paper-track
INTUITESTBEDS 2020 Author of An Automated Testing Framework For Smart TV apps Based on Model Separation within the INTUITESTBEDS 2020-track
IWCT 2020 Author of Avocado: Open-Source Flexible Constrained Interaction Testing for Practical Application within the IWCT 2020-track
ITEQS 2020 PC Member in Program Committee within the ITEQS 2020-track
ICST 2021 Author of PatrIoT: IoT Automated Interoperability and Integration Testing Framework within the Testing Tools Track-track
ICST 2020 Author of Open-source Defect Injection Benchmark Testbed for the Evaluation of Testing within the Testing Tools Track-track