Hanspeter Mössenböck

Registered user since Wed 6 May 2015

Name: Hanspeter Mössenböck

Country: Austria

Affiliation: JKU Linz, Austria

Personal website: http://ssw.jku.at/General/Staff/HM/

Research interests: Compilers, Virtual Machines, Performance Monitoring


MPLR 2019Author of Supporting On-Stack Replacement in Unstructured Languages by Loop Reconstruction and Extraction within the MPLR 2019-track
Author of Towards Efficient, Multi-Language Dynamic Taint Analysis within the MPLR 2019-track
Steering Committee Member in Steering Committee within the MPLR 2019-track
Author of Asynchronous Snapshots of Actor Systems for Latency-Sensitive Applications within the MPLR 2019-track
Author of Detection of Suspicious Time Windows in Memory Monitoring within the MPLR 2019-track
VMIL 2018Author of A Cost Model for a Graph-Based Intermediate-Representation in a Dynamic Compiler within the VMIL 2018-track
DLS 2018Committee Member in Program Committee within the DLS 2018-track
MoreVMs 2018Author of Sulong, and Thanks for All the Fish within the MoreVMs 2018-track
SPLASH 2018Author of Parallelization of Dynamic Languages: Synchronizing Built-in Collections within the Posters-track
Author of Parallelization of Dynamic Languages: Synchronizing Built-in Collections within the OOPSLA-track
VEE 2018Author of An Analysis of x86-64 Inline Assembly in C Programs within the Research Papers-track
AGERE 2017Author of A Principled Approach Towards Debugging Communicating Event-Loops within the AGERE 2017-track
‹Programming› 2018Author of Introspection for C and its Applications to Library Robustness within the Research Papers-track
DLS 2017Author of A Concurrency-Agnostic Protocol for Multi-Paradigm Concurrent Debugging Tools within the DLS 2017-track
VMIL 2016Author of Bringing Low-Level Languages to the JVM: Efficient Execution of LLVM IR on Truffle within the VMIL-track
‹Programming› 2017Author of Κόμπος: A Platform for Debugging Complex Concurrent Applications within the Demos-track
AGERE 2016Author of Towards Advanced Debugging Support for Actor Languages within the AGERE 2016-track
ICOOOLPS 2016Author of Sulong - Execution of LLVM-Based Languages on the JVM within the ICOOOLPS-track
DLS 2016Author of Cross-Language Compiler Benchmarking: Are We Fast Yet? within the DLS-track
WODA 2015Committee Member in Program Committee within the WODA-track
Author of Efficient Dynamic Analysis of the Synchronization Performance of Java Applications within the WODA-track
AGERE! 2015Author of Optimizing Communicating Event-Loop Languages with Truffle within the AGERE-track
SPLASH 2016Author of Efficient and Thread-Safe Objects for Dynamically-Typed Languages within the OOPSLA-track
DLS 2015Author of High-Performance Cross-Language Interoperability in a Multi-Language Runtime within the DLS-track
Author of Java-to-JavaScript Translation via Structured Control Flow Reconstruction of Compiler IR within the DLS-track
ICOOOLPS 2015Author of Techniques and Applications for Guest-Language Safepoints within the ICOOOLPS-track
PLAS 2015Author of Memory-safe Execution of C on a Java VM within the PLAS-track
VMIL 2012Author of Compilation queuing and graph caching for dynamic compilers within the VMIL 2012-track