Ian Gorton

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Name:Ian Gorton

Software architect, author, scientist, educator, consultant.

Ian Gorton has 30 years experience as a software architect, author, computer science professor and consultant. He has worked with distributed technologies since his days in graduate school, and has worked on large scale software systems in areas such as banking, telecommunications, government, health care and scientific modeling and simulation. During this time, he has seen software systems evolve to the massive scale they operate at today.

Ian has written 3 books, including “Essential Software Architecture” and “Data Intensive Computing”, and is the author of 200+ scientific and professional publications on software architecture and software engineering. At the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute he led R&D projects in big data and massively scalable systems, and has continued working, writing and speaking on these topics since joining Northeastern University as a Professor of Computer Science in 2015. He has a PhD from Sheffield Hallam University, UK and is a Senior Member of the IEEE Computer Society.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Northeastern University – Seattle, USA
Research interests:software architecture, scalability, big data