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Name:Miroslaw Staron

Miroslaw Staron is Professor in Software Engineering at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Chalmers and University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He has received his PhD from Blekinge Institute of Technology in the same field. He has published extensively on using machine learning in software engineering, software metrics, model-driven software development and empirical software engineering and cooperates with Ericsson, Volvo and other telecom companies and car manufacturers. Prof. Staron is a pro-dean of the IT Faculty and is a coordinator of the AI Competence for Sweden at University of Gothenburg. He is also a member of the steering group of AI Innovation of Sweden.

Affiliation:University of Gothenburg
Personal website:http://www.staron.nu
Research interests:Machine learning, software metrics and measurement, automotive software, action research


EASE 2023 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research (Full Papers)-track
PROMISE'22 Author of Predicting Build Outcomes In Continuous Integration Using Textual Analysis of Source Code Commits within the PROMISE'22-track
ECSA 2022 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Industry Program-track
EASE 2022 Session Chair of Keynote 1 (part of Keynotes)
General Chair in Organizing Committee
Session Chair of Conference Opening (part of Research)
ECSA 2021 Author of Applicability of Machine Learning Architectural Patterns in Vehicle Architecture: A Case Study within the Industry Program-track
EASE 2021 Author of Making Software Measurement Standards Understandable within the EASE 2020-track
Session Chair of Software analytics, technical debt and security (part of EASE 2020)
WAIN'21 Author of Robust Machine Learning in Critical Care - Software Engineering and Medical Perspectives within the WAIN'21-track
NEXTA 2020 Author of Selective Regression Testing based on Big Data: Comparing Feature Extraction Techniques within the NEXTA 2020-track
ICSE 2020 Author of Recognizing lines of code violating company-specific coding guidelines using machine learning within the Journal First-track
ICSE 2019 Author of (SEIP Talk) Mythical Unit Test Coverage within the Software Engineering in Practice-track