Jan-Philipp Steghöfer

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Name:Jan-Philipp Steghöfer
Affiliation:Chalmers | University of Gothenburg
Personal website:http://jpsteghofer.net
Research interests:Software Engineering Education, Software Traceability, Software Processes, Self-Organising Systems, Socio-Technical Systems


REFSQ 2022 Posters and Tools Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
Committee Member in Programme Committee within the Research Papers-track
Committee Member in Posters and Tools Co-Chairs within the Posters and Tools -track
ACSOS 2021 Steering Committee Member in Steering Committee
PC Member in Program Committee within the Main Track-track
EnCyCriS 2021 Author of Asset-driven Security Assurance Cases with Built-in Quality Assurance within the EnCyCriS 2021-track
RE2021 Author of Design Decisions in the Construction of Traceability Information Models for Safe Automotive Systems within the Research Papers-track
Author of The MobSTr Dataset – An Exemplar for Traceability and Model-based Safety Assessment within the Posters and Tool Demos-track
Committee Member in Track Co-Chairs within the RE@Next! Papers-track
RE@Next! Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
ICSSP 2020 Author of Charting Coordination Needs in Large-Scale Agile Organizations with Boundary Objects and Methodological Islands within the ICSSP 2020-track
ACSOS 2020 Committee Member in Steering Committee
General Chair in Organizing Committee
EXPLAIN 2019 Organizer in Organizing Committee within the EXPLAIN 2019-track
SEAMS 2019 Program Committee in Program Committee within the SEAMS 2019-track
ICSE 2020 Programme Committee in Program Committee within the Technical Papers-track
ICSE 2019 Author of Coping strategies for temporal, geographical and sociocultural distances in Agile GSD: a Case Study within the Software Engineering in Practice-track
Author of Facilitating Entrepreneurial Experiences through a Software Engineering Project Course within the Software Engineering Education and Training -track
SEAMS 2018 Committee Member in Program Committee within the SEAMS 2018-track
* ICSE 2018 * Author of Providing a Baseline in Software Process Improvement Education with Lego Scrum Simulations within the SEET - Software Engineering Education and Training -track
SLE 2015 Author of On Integrating Graphical and Textual Editors for a UML Profile Based Domain Specific Language: An Industrial Experience within the SLE-track