Stefan Wagner

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Name:Stefan Wagner

I am a full professor of empirical software engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Affiliation:University of Stuttgart
Research interests:Software Quality, Requirements Engineering, Safety, Security, Agile and Continuous Software Engineering


BotSE 2021 Session Chair of Bots Helping Software Development (part of BotSE 2021)
Co-chair in Organizing Committee within the BotSE 2021-track
Session Chair of Closing (part of BotSE 2021)
Session Chair of Opening (part of BotSE 2021)
EASE 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the EASE 2021-track
AST 2021 Author of Extreme mutation testing in practice: An industrial case study within the AST 2021-track
ESEM 2021 Committee Member in Technical Track PC within the Technical Papers-track
ICPC 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Education-track
RE2021 PC Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
ICST 2021 Author of Experiences from Large-Scale Model Checking: Verification of a Vehicle Control System. within the Industry Track-track
MSR 2020 PC Member in Registered Reports Committee within the Registered Reports-track
EXPLAIN 2019 Organizer in Organizing Committee within the EXPLAIN 2019-track
ICSE 2021 Author of The Mind Is a Powerful Place: How Showing Code Comprehensibility Metrics Influences Code Understanding within the Technical Track-track
Author of Résumé-Driven Development: A Definition and Empirical Characterization within the SEIS - Software Engineering in Society-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Technical Track-track
ICSE 2020 Author of Fluid Intelligence Doesn’t Matter! Effects of Code Examples on the Usability of Crypto APIs within the ICSE 2020 Posters-track
Author of Status Quo in Requirements Engineering: A Theory and a Global Family of Surveys within the Journal First-track
TechDebt 2018 Author of Limiting Technical Debt with Maintainability Assurance: An Industry Survey on Used Techniques and Differences with Service- and Microservice-Based Systems within the TechDebt 2018-track
‹Programming› 2017 Author of What Is the Best Way For Developers to Learn New Software Tools? An Empirical Comparison Between a Text and a Video Tutorial within the Research Papers-track
* ICSE 2018 * Author of Poster F28: Identification of Methods with Low Fault Risk within the Posters -track
Author of On groupthink in safety analysis: An industrial case study within the SEIP - Software Engineering in Practice-track
Author of Poster T34: Combining STPA and BDD for Safety Analysis and Verification in Agile Development within the Posters -track
Author of Poster T8: Communication in Open-Source Projects--End of the E-mail Era? within the Posters -track