Takashi Ishio

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Name:Takashi Ishio

Takashi Ishio received the Ph.D degree in information science and technology from Osaka University in 2006. He was a JSPS Research Fellow from 2006-2007. He was an assistant professor at Osaka University from 2007-2017. He is now an associate professor of Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

Affiliation:Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Research interests:Software Reuse, Program Comprehension, Program Analysis


APSEC 2022 Poster Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
ESEC/FSE 2022 Author of Characterizing and Mitigating Self-Admitted Technical Debt in Build Systems within the Journal First-track
ASE 2022 Author of V-Achilles: An Interactive Visualization of Transitive Security Vulnerabilities within the Tool Demonstrations-track
EASE 2022 Author of On the Use of Refactoring in Security Vulnerability Fixes: An Exploratory Study on Maven Libraries within the Vision and Emerging Results Track-track
ICSE 2022 Author of Lags in the release, adoption, and propagation of npm vulnerability fixes within the Journal-First Papers-track
ICPC 2022 Author of Does Coding in Pythonic Zen Peak Performance? Preliminary Experiments of Nine Pythonic Idioms at Scale within the Early Research Achievements (ERA)-track
ASE 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Late Breaking Results-track
ICSE 2021 Author of Same File, Different Changes: The Potential of Meta-Maintenance on GitHub within the Technical Track-track
Author of Research Artifact: The Potential of Meta-Maintenance on GitHub within the AE - Artifact Evaluation-track
SoHeal 2021 Author of Choice Matters: Contrasting Package Manager User Experience within the SoHeal 2021-track
MSR 2021 Author of Does the First-Response Matter for Future Contributions? A Study of First Contributions within the Registered Reports-track
Author of Does Code Review Promote Conformance? A Study of OpenStack Patches within the Technical Papers-track
OSS 2021 Author of Finding Code-Clone Snippets in Large Source-Code Collection by ccgrep within the OSS 2021 Papers-track
ASE 2020 Author of Code-based Vulnerability Detection in Node.js Applications: How far are we? within the Industry Showcase-track
NIP'20 Committee Member in Program Committee within the NIP'20-track
ICSE 2019 Author of 9.6 Million Links in Source Code Comments: Purpose, Evolution, and Decay within the Technical Track-track
ICPC 2019 Author of PADLA: A Dynamic Log Level Adapter Using Online Phase Detection within the ICPC 2019 Tools Demo-track