APLAS 2023
Sun 26 - Wed 29 November 2023 Taipei, Taiwan

The APLAS 2023 Student Research Competition (SRC) aims to provide opportunities for students to present their ongoing work to the community and receive feedback.

The associated poster session also welcomes contributions from the entire community (not restricted to students).

New this year: audience awards (for both the SRC and the non-SRC posters)

Update: The notification date is brought forward to 29 Aug to allow enough time for PRC passport holders to apply for an entry permit. (See the page ‘Information for PRC Passport Holders’ for more information.) Reviews will be sent later on 22 Sep.

Accepted Presentations

[Non-SRC] Encoding MELL Cut Elimination into a Hierarchical Graph Rewriting Language
SRC & Posters
[Non-SRC] Towards a Programming Paradigm Approach for AI-Assisted Software Development
SRC & Posters
[SRC] Multiple Screen States for Programming with Small Screens
SRC & Posters
[SRC] Relational Hoare Logic for Comparing Nondeterministic Programs and Probabilistic Programs through a Categorical Framework
SRC & Posters
[SRC] Separate Compilation for Compositional Programming via Extensible Records
SRC & Posters
[SRC] Type-Safe Auto-Completion of Incomplete Polymorphic Programs
SRC & Posters

Call for Submissions

Student Research Competition

The SRC consists of three rounds: extended abstracts, posters, and finalist presentations. Submissions to the SRC should present unpublished work that falls within the scope of APLAS. The work should be conducted by a single student, or be a part of joint work for which the student is solely responsible.

  1. An extended abstract should explain the work in an accessible way to an audience with a general background in programming language research. It should also demonstrate that there is sufficient material for a poster, and clearly indicate to which extent the student contributes to the work, especially when the work is a joint effort. A selection committee will review the submitted extended abstracts and provide feedback.

  2. After an extended abstract is accepted, the student should prepare a poster for the poster session of the conference. During this session, the student will present their work to interested conference participants, using the poster as a visual aid. Furthermore, posters will be displayed throughout the conference.

  3. Based on the extended abstracts and posters, a panel of judges will select several finalists to present their work to all conference participants in a dedicated session of the conference. (If time permits, all the SRC entrants will be invited as finalists.) Each finalist presentation is scheduled for 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions from the audience.

Non-SRC Posters

Non-SRC poster submissions should fall within the scope of APLAS, and can present either unpublished or published work. They should first be submitted in the form of extended abstracts to be reviewed by the selection committee. For each accepted submission, at least one author should present the work during the poster session.

Submission Information

Extended abstracts (for both SRC and non-SRC submissions) should be

  • formatted using the acmart LaTeX template with the options sigplan and review enabled (so that there are two columns and line numbers),
  • no longer than 3 pages (excluding bibliography), and
  • submitted online via EasyChair.

For an SRC submission, the student should be the sole author. However, on the EasyChair submission form please list the supervisor(s) as author(s) after the student, so that reviewers and judges can identify any conflicts of interest.

Posters will be collected electronically and printed on-site by the organisers in A0 size with colour. Authors can choose to bring back their printed posters at the end of the conference.

Extended abstracts, posters, and slides for SRC finalist presentations will be made available on the website indefinitely, unless the authors choose to opt out.

Prizes and Awards

The first, second, and third prizes of the SRC will be determined by the panel of judges. The recipients will be awarded $500, $300, and $200 (USD) respectively.

In addition, there will be audience awards based on voting by conference participants. These awards will be given in three categories: SRC posters, non-SRC posters, and SRC finalist presentations. The authors of the work receiving the highest number of votes in each category will be awarded $100 (USD).


This program is tentative and subject to change.

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Mon 27 Nov

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15:00 - 15:30
Coffee BreakCatering

Tue 28 Nov

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12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
Student Research Competition PresentationsSRC & Posters at Room 106 & 107, IIS
15:00 - 15:30
Coffee BreakCatering

Wed 29 Nov

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12:00 - 12:30
Student Research Competition AwardsSRC & Posters at Room 106 & 107, IIS
12:30 - 18:00
Questions? Use the APLAS SRC & Posters contact form.