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Conference Time and RoomSat 17 Jun 2017

ISMM 2017 will be held on Sunday, June 18, starting at 8.30am in Room “Aula Master” at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

For more information about program and venue see and

A Blog by Ivica CrnkovicThu 1 Jun 2017

It is 360 days to ICSE 2018 - so just less than a year. An at this time, in a year there will be a banquet, with celebration of 50 years of software engineering. The place for the banquet is selected! Once a shipyard, one of the largest in Europe, today a large building [Eriksbergshallen](http …

SightseeingWed 17 May 2017

The main Tourist Information Office is on Broad Street in the centre of town; you can get maps and tickets here, and there is also a bureau de change with good exchange rates. There is a hop-on, hop-off [open-top bus tour](http://www.citysightsee

St Giles' FairWed 17 May 2017

St Giles’ Fair is traditionally held in Oxford on the Monday and Tuesday following the first Sunday after St Giles’ Day, which is 1st September; in 2017, it will be on Monday 3rd and Tuesday …

Walking, running, puntingWed 17 May 2017

There is a number of nice places around Oxford to go for a walk or a run, in case you want some fresh air.

My favourite running route is round the University Parks. The perimeter is a bit over 2km. There are two entrances on the west side on Parks Road, one on the …

ICFP 2017 local informationWed 17 May 2017

Welcome to ICFP in Oxford!

The most important information about the conference is available through the menus on the conference website. In this series of blog posts you will find additional information—about:

  • restaurants
  • pubs
  • [sightseeing](http://ic

Accepted PapersMon 10 Apr 2017

Analyzing Memory Management Methods on Integrated CPU-GPU Systems
Mohammad Dashti, University of British Columbia
Alexandra Fedorova, University of British Columbia

“What’s in a Name?” Going Beyond Allocation Site Names in Heap Analysis
Vini Kanvar, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT …