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Curry on!/DEBS/ECOOP/PLDI 2017 do not hold a block at a particular hotel. To help you plan your trips, here are a few properties near the conference centre.

You will often get better rate on Booking, Expedia or similar sites, especially by booking flight + accommodation together rather than separately.

Recommended hotels with an agreement with the Co-located events

Hotel Walking to Conference Venue Rooms from
Arenas Atiram Hotel Barcelona 15 mins [map] €125-140 (not available on June 20th and 21st)
Abba Garden Hotel 20 mins [map] €140 (not available on June 20th)
Hotel Senator Barcelona Spa 22 mins [map] €133-142

Other recommended hotels

Hotel Walking to Conference Venue Rooms from
Hotel Bonanova Park 15 mins [map] €134
Hotel Sansi Pedralbes 5 mins [map]

ConferenceShare service

Looking to cut costs? Connect with other Curry on!/DEBS/ECOOP/PLDI attendees to split conference costs. Sign up at conferenceshare.co to find Curry on!/DEBS/ECOOP/PLDI attendees with whom you can share hotel room, taxi, or car rental.