ACSOS 2021
Mon 27 September - Fri 1 October 2021 Washington, DC, United States

Platooning is a promising approach for optimizing the usage of the existing road infrastructure by driving in convoys with low inter-vehicle distances. Platooning coordination fosters advantages like road throughput increases and reduced fuel consumption. Diverse so-called platooning coordination strategies exist in the literature and according to the no-free-lunch theorem, each has individual assets and drawbacks, making them best applicable for different traffic situations.

This paper proposes a layered system model and a feedback loop for meta-optimization of self-adaptive systems. We apply our concept on platooning coordination as a case study and provide an experience report. The platooning coordination strategy is exchangeable and its input parameters are tuned to fit the current traffic situation. Our evaluation results show that the choice of the platooning coordination strategy is situation-dependent. Further, our meta-optimization of the input parameters of these strategies for the traffic situation is favorable compared to a static approach.

Thu 30 Sep

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11:45 - 12:40
Resource Management in Data Centers and Cloud Computing IIMain Track at AUDITORIUM 1
Chair(s): Partha Pal Raytheon BBN Technologies
AHA: Adaptive Hadoop in Ad-hoc Cloud Environments
Main Track
Ryan Liu University of Waterloo, Canada, Shizhe Lin University of Waterloo, Canada, Ladan Tahvildari University of Waterloo
Architecture-based Evaluation of Scaling Policies for Cloud Applications
Main Track
Floriment Klinaku University of Stuttgart, Alireza Hakamian University of Stuttgart, Steffen Becker University of Stuttgart
Experience report
Towards Situation-Aware Meta-Optimization of Adaptation Planning Strategies
Main Track
Veronika Lesch , Tanja Noack University of Hohenheim, Germany, Johannes Hefter University of Würzburg, Germany, Samuel Kounev University of Würzburg, Germany, Christian Krupitzer University of Hohenheim, Germany