ACSOS 2021
Mon 27 September - Fri 1 October 2021 Washington, DC, United States

This year, ACSOS features:

  • 13 Regular papers
  • 1 Experience paper
  • 2 Vision papers
  • 7 Short papers

Regular papers

3. On Adapting SNMP as Communication Protocol in Distributed Control Loops for Self-adaptive Systems
Ilja Shmelkin and Thomas Springer

11. FaaSRank: Learning to Schedule Functions in Serverless Platforms
Hanfei Yu, Athirai Irissappane, Hao Wang and Wes Lloyd

14. A Meta Reinforcement Learning-based Approach for Self-Adaptive System
Mingyue Zhang, Jialong Li, Haiyan Zhao, Kenji Tei, Shinichi Honiden and Zhi Jin

18. Runtime Equilibrium Verification for Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems
Matteo Camilli, Raffaela Mirandola and Patrizia Scandurra

20. Stochastic Switching of Power Levels can Accelerate Self-Organized Synchronization in Wireless Networks with Interference
Jorge Schmidt, Udo Schilcher, Arke Vogell and Christian Bettstetter

22. Many Models at the Edge: Characterizing and Improving Deep Inference via Model-Level Caching
Samuel S. Ogden, Guin R. Gilman, Robert J. Walls and Tian Guo

25. Swarmalators with Stochastic Coupling and Memory
Udo Schilcher, Jorge F. Schmidt, Arke Vogell and Christian Bettstetter

29. Causal Inference Techniques for Microservice Performance Diagnosis: Evaluation and Guiding Recommendations
Li Wu, Johan Tordsson, Erik Elmroth and Odej Kao

30. To do or not to do: finding causal relations in smart homes
Kanvaly Fadiga, Ada Diaconescu, Jean-Louis Dessalles and Étienne Houzé

31. Towards Highly Automated Machine-Learning-Empowered Monitoring of Motor Test Stands
Diego Botache, Florian Bethke, Martin Hardieck, Maarten Bieshaar, Ludwig Brabetz, Mohamed Ayeb, Peter Zipf and Bernhard Sick

42. Timing configurations affect the macro-properties of multi-scale feedback systems
Patricia Mellodge, Ada Diaconescu and Louisa Jane Di Felice

43. LOS: Local-Optimistic Scheduling of Periodic Model Training For Anomaly Detection on Sensor Data Streams in Meshed Edge Networks
Soeren Becker, Florian Schmidt, Lauritz Thamsen, Ana Juan Ferrer and Odej Kao

48. A Self-Adaptive Load Balancing Approach for Software-Defined Networks in IoT
Ziran Min, Hongyang Sun, Shunxing Bao, Aniruddha Gokhale and Swapna Gokhale

Experience papers

8. Towards Situation-Aware Meta-Optimization of Adaptation Planning Strategies
Veronika Lesch, Tanja Noack, Johannes Hefter, Samuel Kounev and Christian Krupitzer

Vision papers

12. Towards Mapping Control Theory and Software Engineering Properties
Ricardo Caldas, Razan Ghzouli, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Patrizio Pelliccione, Danny Weyns and Thorsten Berger

28. Engineering Adaptive Authentication
Alzubair Hassan, Bashar Nuseibeh and Liliana Pasquale

Short papers

6. Architecture-based Evaluation of Scaling Policies for Cloud Applications
Floriment Klinaku, Alireza Hakamian and Steffen Becker

7. A Programming Language for Sound Self-Adaptive Systems
Barry Porter and Roberto Vito Rodrigues Filho

15. Evolving Neuromodulated Controllers in Variable Environments
Chloe Barnes, Aniko Ekart, Kai Olav Ellefsen, Kyrre Glette, Peter Lewis and Jim Torresen

16. Self-organized Allocation of Dependent Tasks in Industrial Applications
Ketong Zheng, Eva Julia Schmitt, Arturo González and Gerhard Fettweis

34. Empirical Characterization of User Reports About Cloud Failures
Sacheendra Talluri, Leon Overweel, Laurens Versluis, Animesh Trivedi and Alexandru Iosup

40. A Platform for Self-Organizing and Self-Explaining Systems in the Context of Intensive Care
Börge Kordts, Jan Patrick Kopetz and Andreas Schrader

49. AHA: Adaptive Hadoop in Ad-hoc Cloud Environments
Ryan Liu, Shizhe Lin and Ladan Tahvildari