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APLAS 2019
Sun 1 - Wed 4 December 2019 Bali, Indonesia
Tue 3 Dec 2019 14:30 - 15:00 at Bali Room - Concurrency Chair(s): Philipp Ruemmer

Many systems use ad hoc collections of files and directories to store persistent data. For most consumers of this data, the process of properly parsing, using, and updating these filestores using standard APIs is cumbersome and error-prone. Making matters worse, many filestores are too big to fit in memory, so applications must process the data incrementally. They must also correctly manage concurrent accesses by multiple users. This paper presents the design of Transactional Forest (TxForest), which builds on earlier work on Forest and Incremental Forest to provide a simpler, more powerful API for managing filestores and which provides a mechanism for managing concurrent accesses using serializable transactions. Under the hood, TxForest uses Huet’s zippers to track the data associated with filestores and implements an optimistic concurrency control mechanism. We formalize TxForest in a core calculus, develop a formal proof of serializability, describe our OCaml prototype, and present several realistic applications, which serve as case studies.

Tue 3 Dec
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13:30 - 15:00: Research Papers - Concurrency at Bali Room
Chair(s): Philipp RuemmerUppsala University
aplas-2019-papers13:30 - 14:00
Taolue ChenBirkbeck, University of London, Jilong HeInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yu-Ping WangTsinghua University, China, Zhilin WuState Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jun YanInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
aplas-2019-papers14:00 - 14:30
Thomas DickersonBrown University, Paul GazzilloUniversity of Central Florida, Maurice HerlihyBrown University, USA, Eric KoskinenStevens Institute of Technology
aplas-2019-papers14:30 - 15:00
Jonathan DiLorenzoCornell University, Kathryn ManciniCornell University, Kathleen FisherTufts University, USA, Nate FosterCornell University