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Recently data analytics notebooks are becoming attractive tool for data science experiments. While data analytics notebooks have been frequently used for batch analytics applications there are multiple unique problems which need to be addressed when they are used for online analytics scenarios. Issues such as mapping the event processing model into notebooks, summarizing data streams to enable visualizations, scalability of distributed event processing pipelines in notebook servers remain as some of the key issues to be solved. As a solution in this demonstration we present an implementation of event processing paradigm in a notebook environment. Specifically, we implement WSO2 Data Analytics Server (DAS)’s event processor in Apache Zeppelin notebook environment. We first demonstrate how an event processing network could be implemented in a stream processing notebook itself. Second, we demonstrate how such network could be extended for distributed stream processing scenario using WSO2 DAS and Apache Storm. Also we discuss about various improvements which need to be done at the user interface aspects to develop stream processing network in such notebook environment.