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SSBSE 2021
Mon 11 - Tue 12 October 2021
co-located with ESEM 2021
Mon 11 Oct 2021 17:10 - 17:30 at SSBSE ROOM - SSBSE Session 3 Chair(s): José Raúl Romero

Responsiveness is one of the most important properties of Android applications to both developers and users. Recent survey on automated improvement of non-functional properties of Android applications shows there’s a gap in application of search-based techniques to improve responsiveness. Therefore, we explore the use of genetic improvement (GI) to achieve this task. We extend Gin, an open source GI framework, to work with Android applications. Next, we apply GI to four open source Android applications, measuring frame rate as proxy for responsiveness. We find that while there are improvements to be found in UI-implementing code (up to 43%), often applications’ test suites are not strong enough to safely perform GI, leading to generation of many invalid patches. We also apply GI to areas of code which have highest test-suite coverage, but find no patches leading to consistent frame rate reductions. This shows that although GI could be successful in improvement of Android apps’ responsiveness, any such test-based technique is currently hindered by availability of test suites covering UI elements.

Mon 11 Oct

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16:40 - 18:00
SSBSE Session 3RENE - Replications and Negative Results / Research Papers at SSBSE ROOM
Chair(s): José Raúl Romero University of Cordoba, Spain
Hybrid Multi-level Crossover for Unit Test Case Generation
Research Papers
Mitchell Olsthoorn Delft University of Technology, Pouria Derakhshanfar Delft University of Technology, Annibale Panichella Delft University of Technology
Link to publication DOI Pre-print
Improving Android App Responsiveness through Search-Based Frame Rate Reduction
RENE - Replications and Negative Results
James Callan UCL, Justyna Petke University College London
Search-based Automated Play Testing of Computer Games: a model-based approach
Research Papers
Raihana Ferdous Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Fitsum Kifetew Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Davide Prandi Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Wishnu Prasetya Utrecht University, Samira Shirzadehhajimahmood Utrecht University, Angelo Susi Fondazione Bruno Kessler