Sun 1 - Fri 6 October 2023 Västerås, Sweden

Uncertainty-aware consistency checking in industrial settings

Authors: Antonio Vallecillo and Robbert Jongeling

Rapid-Prototyping and Early Validation of Software Models through Uniform Integration of Hardware

Authors: Michael Uelschen, Marco Schaarschmidt, and Jannis Budde

Manual Abstraction in the Wild: A Multiple-Case Study on OSS Systems

Authors: Wenli Zhang, Weixing Zhang, Daniel Strüber, and Regina Hebig

Word Embeddings for Model-Driven Engineering

Authors: José Antonio Hernández López, Carlos Durá, and Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado

An extended model-based characterization of fine-grained access control for SQL queries

Authors: Hoàng Nguyễn Phước Bảo and Manuel Clavel

Automated Domain Modeling with Large Language Models: A Comparative Study

Authors: Kua Chen, Yujing Yang, Boqi Chen, José Antonio Hernández López, Gunter Mussbacher, and Dániel Varró

Model-Driven Prompt Engineering

Authors: Robert Clarisó and Jordi Cabot

Incremental Model Transformations with Triple Graph Grammars for Multi-version Models

Authors: Matthias Barkowsky and Holger Giese

gLTSdiff: A Generalized Framework for Structural Comparison of Software Behavior

Authors: Dennis Hendriks and Wytse Oortwijn

OCL Rebuilt, From the Ground Up

Authors: Friedrich Steimann, Robert Clarisó Viladrosa, and Martin Gogolla

An Experimental Evaluation of Conformance Testing Techniques in Active Automata Learning

Authors: Bharat Garhewal and Carlos Diego Nascimento Damasceno

Leveraging modeling concepts and techniques to address challenges in network management

Authors: Nafiseh Kahani, Mojtaba Bagherzadeh, Reza Ahmadi, and Juergen Dingel

Automatic Security-Flaw Detection - Replication and Comparison

Authors: Bernhard J. Berger and Christina Plump

SkeMo: Sketch Modeling for Real-Time Model Component Generation

Authors: Alisha Sharma Chapai and Eric J. Rapos

Variability-aware Neo4j for Analyzing a Graphical Model of a Software Product Line

Authors: Xiang Chen and Joanne Atlee