Sun 1 - Fri 6 October 2023 Västerås, Sweden

Västerås Kongress


Västerås Kongress is a leading congress and conference venue designed to accommodate all types of conferences and events. 23 different rooms suitable for conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and other meeting events (for a total of 1060 participants). Different spaces for poster sessions are available.

Downtown Hub

Västerås Kongress is situated within three minutes walking distance from the central station and 5-10 minutes from most of the recommended hotels, shops, restaurants, and entertainment.​


The Oval Restaurant offers round tables to welcome 630 guests in this arrangement.

About Västerås

With a population of approximately ​150 000, this thriving city is the seventh largest in Sweden. Västerås is a world-leading technology city with one of the best business locations, only an hour from Stockholm. Visitors reach Västerås easily in 53 minutes by train from Stockholm and about an hour by bus or car. Västerås also has its own international airport with connections to e.g., London.

The modern industrial revolution in Sweden started in Västerås when the whole country got its electricity supply from Asea (later ABB) in Västerås. During the 20th century, ABB went worldwide. In Västerås, you also find other world-leading companies such as Alstom, Westinghouse Electric Sweden, Alstom Power Sweden, Luvata Sweden, and Enics Sweden.

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Visiting Västerås

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