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Name: Kla Tantithamthavorn

Bio: Dr. Chakkrit (Kla) Tantithamthavorn is a lecturer in the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia. He is an emerging expert in the areas of Explainable Software Analytics and Software Quality Management, having advanced the foundations of empirical-grounded software quality theories and advanced many intelligence technologies for software quality management. His research aims to develop technologies that enable software practitioners to produce the highest quality software systems with the lowest costs. Currently, his research focused on inventing practical and explainable analytics to prevent future software defects. He is best known as a lead instructor at MSR Education 2019 about Guidelines and Pitfalls for Mining, Analyzing, Modelling, and Explaining Software Defects, and the author of the ScottKnott ESD R package (i.e., a statistical mean comparison test) with more than 5,000 downloads. More about him is available at http://chakkrit.com

Country: Australia

Affiliation: Monash University, Australia

Personal website: http://chakkrit.com

Research interests: Mining Software Repositories, Software Analytics, Software Quality, Pitfalls of Software Analytics Modelling


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ICSE 2020Author of The Impact of Correlated Metrics on the Interpretation of Defect Models within the Journal First-track
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Author of The Impact of Class Rebalancing Techniques on the Performance and Interpretation of Defect Prediction Models within the Journal-First Papers-track
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