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Name: Albert Cohen

Bio: Albert is a research scientist at Google. He has been a research scientist at Inria from 2000 to 2018. He graduated from École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and received his PhD from the University of Versailles in 1999 (awarded two national prizes). He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois, an invited professor at Philips Research, and a visiting scientist at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research. Albert Cohen works on parallelizing and optimizing compilers, parallel programming languages and systems and synchronous programming for reactive control systems. He served as the general or program chair of major conferences, including PLDI, PPoPP, HiPEAC, CC, the embedded software track of DAC, and as a member of the editorial board of ACM TACO and IJPP. He coauthored more than 180 peer-reviewed papers and has been the advisor for 26 PhD theses. Several research projects initiated by Albert Cohen resulted in effective transfer to production compilers and programming environments in industry.

Country: France

Affiliation: Google

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Research interests: Optimizing Compilers, Parallel Languages, Synchronous Languages, Runtime Systems, Automatic Parallelization, Polyhedral Compilation


CC 2020Author of Secure Delivery of Program Properties Through Optimizing Compilation within the Main Conference-track
Keynote Speaker of IR Design for Heterogeneity: Challenges and Opportunities within the Main Conference-track
PLDI 2020Committee Member in Steering Committee
PPoPP 2020Session Chair of Matrix Multiplication and Approximation (Mediterranean Ballroom) (part of Main Conference)
Steering Committee Chair in Steering Committee
Author of Title: Abstractions for Modern Parallel Computing: A Blessing or a Curse? within the Main Conference-track
Committee Member in Program Committee
SPIoT 2019Committee Member in Program Committee within the SPIoT-track
PPoPP 2019Chair in Steering Committee
ARRAY 2018Keynote Speaker of Tensor Comprehensions: deep learning as a polyhedral compiler's killer app within the ARRAY 2018-track
PLDI 20192017 General Chair in Steering Committee
Committee Member in External Program Committee within the PLDI Research Papers-track
GPCE 2018Author of Meta-programming for cross-domain tensor optimizations within the GPCE 2018-track
SPLASH 2018Author of Meta-programming for cross-domain tensor optimizations within the Posters-track
PPoPP 2018Committee Member in Steering Committee
GPCE 2017Author of Towards Compositional and Generative Tensor Optimizations within the GPCE 2017-track
PLDI 2018Steering Committee Member in Steering Committee
Author of Polyhedral Auto-transformation with No Integer Linear Programming within the PLDI Research Papers-track
CC 2017Author of Optimization Space Pruning without Regrets within the Research Papers-track
PPoPP 2017Programme Committee in Program Committee
Committee Member in Steering Committee
ISMM 2016Author of A bounded memory allocator for software-defined global address spaces within the ISMM-track
PLDI 2017Session Chair of Welcome (part of PLDI Invited Speakers)
Author of Closing within the PLDI Research Papers-track
General Chair in Organizing Committee
PLDI, ECOOP, Curry On, DEBS, LCTES and ISMMPLDI 2017 General Chair in Organizing Committee
PLDI 2016Committee Member in Program Committee
Author of Polyhedral AST generation is more than scanning polyhedra [TOPLAS] within the Research Papers-track
Author of Automatic Storage Optimization for Arrays [TOPLAS] within the Research Papers-track
PLDI 2017 General Chair of SRC Awards, PLDI’17 Introduction (part of Invited Speakers)
Session Chair of Parallelism II (part of Research Papers)
Author of Effective Padding of Multi-Dimensional Arrays to Avoid Cache Conflict Misses within the Research Papers-track
POPL 2016Author of SMO: An Integrated Approach to Intra-Array and Inter-Array Storage Optimization within the Research Papers-track
PPoPP 2016Committee Member in Steering Committee
Session Chair of Applications (part of Main conference)
PLDI 2015Committee Member in External Review Committee within the Research Papers-track
DSLDIAuthor of PENCIL: A platform-neutral intermediate language for the parallelizing compilation of DSLs within the DSLDI-track