Davide Di Ruscio

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Name: Davide Di Ruscio

Bio: Davide Di Ruscio is Associate Professor at the Department of Information Engineering Computer Science and Mathematics of the University of L’Aquila (Italy). His main research interests are related to several aspects of Model Driven Engineering (MDE) including domain specific modelling languages, model transformations, model differencing, and model evolution. Over the last decade, he has applied MDE techniques in different application domains including service-based software systems, autonomous systems, and open source software (OSS). He has been in the PC and involved in the organization of several workshops and conferences, and served as reviewer for many journals like IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering, Science of Computer Programming, Software and Systems Modeling, and Journal of Systems and Software. Currently, he is the technical director of the EU H2020 CROSSMINER project (http://www.crossminer.org)

Country: Italy

Affiliation: University of L’Aquila

Personal website: http://people.disim.univaq.it/diruscio

Research interests: Model Driven Engineering, Model evolution, Open Source Software


OSS 2021Committee Member in Program Committee within the OSS 2021 Papers-track
ESEC/FSE 2021Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
MODELS 2020Committee Member in Chairs within the ACM Student Research Competition-track
Speaker of Keynote by Davide Di Ruscio within the Workshops-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Doctoral Symposium-track
Author of Using the Low-code Paradigm to Support the Development of Recommender Systems within the Posters-track
ACM SRC chair in Organizing Committee
Author of TyphonML: a Modeling Environment to Develop Hybrid Polystores within the Technical Track-track
Committee Member in PC - Foundations Track within the Technical Track-track
Author of Using Model Transformation Compositions in Low-Code Development Platforms within the Posters-track
ICSE 2019Author of FOCUS: A Recommender System for Mining API Function Calls and Usage Patterns within the Technical Track-track
SLE 2017Committee Member in Steering Committee within the SLE-track
SLE 2016Committee Member in Program Committee within the SLE-track
* ICSE 2018 *Author of Collaborative Model-Driven Software Engineering: a Classification Framework and a Research Map within the Journal first papers-track
DSM 2015Author of Supporting Users to Manage Breaking and Unresolvable Changes in Coupled Evolution within the DSM-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the DSM-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the DSM-track
SLE 2015Author of Opening within the SLE-track
Session Chair of Language Development and Evaluation (part of SLE)
Program Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
Session Chair of Model Execution and Verification (part of SLE)
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