Fabio Petrillo

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Name: Fabio Petrillo

Bio: I’m an associate professor in the Department of Computer Sciences and Mathematics (DIM) at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Canada) since 2018. My main goal is to create theories and techniques to improve software engineers’ life.

In my research career, I have worked on Empirical Software Engineering, Software Quality, Debugging, Service-Oriented Architecture, Cloud Computing, and Agile Methods. I have been recognized as a pioneer and an international reference on Software Engineering for Computer Games. I’m the creator of Swarm Debugging, a new collaborative approach to support debugging activities.

Country: Canada

Affiliation: Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada

Personal website: http://fabiopetrillo.com

Research interests: Comprehension, Debugging, Logging/Monitoring, SOA, Agile Methods, SE for Computer Games


MOBILESoft 2020Author of Are apps ready for new Android releases? within the Technical Papers-track
Author of Mining Lifetime Properties of Android Projects within the Tool Demos and Mobile Apps-track
ICPC 2020Virtualisation Chair in Organizing Committee
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research-track
MSR 2020Author of Dataset of Video Game Development Problems within the Data Showcase-track
ICPC 2019Proceedings Chair in Organization Committee
Session Chair of Session II: Comprehending program comprehension II (part of ICPC 2019 Presentations)
Author of Visualizing sequences of debugging sessions using Swarm Debugging within the ICPC 2019 Tools Demo-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the ICPC 2019 Technical Research-track
ICSE 2020Author of What should your Run-time Configuration Framework do to Help Developers? within the Journal First-track
ICSE 2019Author of Software Configuration Engineering in Practice - Interviews, Survey, and Systematic Literature Review within the Journal-First Papers-track
ICPC 2018Committee Member in Program Committee within the Technical Research-track
MSR 2018Author of Developer Interaction Traces backed by IDE Screen Recordings from Think-aloud Sessions within the Data Showcase-track