Lionel Briand

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Name: Lionel Briand


Country: Luxembourg

Affiliation: SnT Centre/University of Luxembourg

Personal website:

Research interests: Software engineering, software verification and validation, model-driven software engineering, empirical software engineering


ESEC/FSE 2021New Faculty Symposium Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
Co-chair in Program Committee within the New Faculty Symposium-track
ICST 2020Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
Author of Metamorphic Security Testing for Web Systems within the Research Papers-track
Author of Can We Predict the Quality of Spectrum-based Fault Localization? within the Research Papers-track
Author of Comparing Offline and Online Testing of Deep Neural Networks: An Autonomous Car Case Study within the Research Papers-track
SEAMS 2020Author of Dynamic Adaptation of Software-defined Networks for IoT Systems: A Search-based Approach within the SEAMS 2020-track
ICSE 2021Journal First Co-Chair in Organizing Committe
ICSE 2020Doctoral Symposium Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
Co-chair in Program Committee within the Doctoral Symposium-track
Author of Approximation-Refinement Testing of Compute-Intensive Cyber-Physical Models: An Approach Based on System Identification within the Technical Papers-track
Program Board in Program Board within the Technical Papers-track
ICSE 2019Author of Recap of ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE TCSE Awards within the Plenary-track
Session Chair of Harlan Mills / ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award (part of Plenary)
Author of MCP: A Security Testing Tool Driven by Requirements within the Demonstrations-track
Author of An Active Learning Approach for Improving the Accuracy of Automated Domain Model Extraction within the Journal-First Papers-track
Session Chair of Awards Plenary (part of Plenary)
Session Chair of Thursday Opening Session (part of Plenary)
Awards Chair in Organizing Committee
Author of Oracles for Testing Software Timeliness with Uncertainty within the Journal-First Papers-track
ICPC 2018Author of A Search-based Approach for Accurate Identification of Log Message Formats within the Technical Research-track
ISSTA 2017Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the TECPS-track
ISSTA 2018Committee Member in Program Committee within the ISSTA Technical Papers-track
ECOOP and ISSTA 2018Author of Test Case Prioritization for Acceptance Testing of Cyber Physical Systems: A Multi-objective Search-based Approach within the Posters-track
Speaker of Artificial Intelligence for Automated Software Testing within the Summer School-track
Speaker in Speakers within the Summer School-track
* ICSE 2018 *Panelist of Software Engineering in 2030 within the IF - Industry Forum-track
Author of Testing Vision-Based Control Systems Using Learnable Evolutionary Algorithms within the Technical Papers -track
Committee Member in Program board within the Technical Papers -track