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ASE 2021
Sun 14 - Sat 20 November 2021 Australia


ASE2021 has a blended programme where presentations of different types are mixed.

ASE2021 is running in virtual mode using Zoom and Whova. We are planning for using live presentations and Q&A as much as we can. This year we are using two six hour timezones:

Band 1 - UTC 21:00 to 03:00 e.g. 8am to 2pm Melbourne time 5am to 11am Singapore time 9pm to 3am London time (the date is the previous day of the schedule) 1pm to 7pm Los Angeles time (the date is the previous day of the schedule) 4pm to 10pm New York time (the date is the previous day of the schedule)

Band 2 - UTC 07:00 - 13:00 e.g. 6pm to midnight Melbourne time 3pm to 9pm Singapore time 7am to 1pm London time 2am to 8am New York time

For many it will be feasible to join parts of both. However, we are also conscious that for many the work-from-home situation many of us are needing to do, including family and other caring commitments, and partners / children / parents / cohabitants commitments and schedules, may still very well limit their day/time attendance. We’ll put post-recordings of all sessions in Whova and allow video present for those unable to make any day/time in person.

The DRAFT conference programme is available at


Please let the conference team ase2021@deakin.edu.au know by 28th October at the latest if the proposed scheduling of your presentation is not going to be feasible for you to present live.

Paper Presentations

Most paper presentations and Q&A are planned to be live.

Sessions are 50-60 minutes long, mostly two plenary and paper sessions consecutively followed by a variety of poster/demo/networking session for 50-60 minutes , then two more paper sessions and another poster/demo/networking event session. The papers will be presented in the order they are listed in the program, and the presentation slot for each paper is determined by a paper’s track:

  • Technical research and Experience papers: 20 minutes incl questions/changeover
  • Industry showcase papers: 10 minutes incl questions/changeover
  • Journal first papers: 10 minutes incl questions/changeover
  • New Ideas papers: 10 minutes incl questions/changeover
  • Tool demo papers: 5 minutes incl questions/changeover (will also appear in tool demo showcase sessions)

The slots include time for Q&A + change to next presenter. We recommend limiting talks to about 15 minutes for 20-minute slots and to about 7 minutes for 10-minute slots, and 4 mins for 5 minute slots. Please prepare your talks within these time limits. The slot limits will be enforced by the session chairs.

Some guidelines from the SIGCHI community on preparing video presentations can be found here: https://medium.com/sigchi/a-remote-video-presentation-guide-93957c63aa7a

The SIGACCESS accessible presentation guidelines can be found here: http://www.sigaccess.org/welcome-to-sigaccess/resources/accessible-presentation-guide/

Videos for paper sessions

Paper sessions will be presented live using Zoom with Whova hosted chat rooms for questions, post-session discussion, pre- and post-recorded videos, post-session surveys/feedback. We plan to record sessions and make them available via Whova for those in other timezones to later review, and potentially post conference in the ACM YouTube, subject to your agreeing copyright for us to do this.

In case network issues present problems we would like to have your recorded presentation as a backup.

For cases where you cannot present in person due to timezone/other critical commitments, or prefer the student volunteer helping the chair will play your pre-recorded video e.g. for network connection concerns or other reasons. Please let us know so we can inform the session chair.

Please record a video of up to 16mins (for 20min presentation slot, as above) and up to 7mins (for 10min presentation slot, as above) and upload it to the drop box below. These will be used as a backup for presenters at the conference who experience technical issues in giving their presentation live. For demo papers, you will already have an approx 5min video we can use (though we would like you to give a live presentation of ~4mins with short Q&A if at all possible).

Once you have recorded your presentation, please save it using the following naming convention:


as per the paper ids at


Once you have named your video correctly please save your video to the ASE 2021 Presentations Dropbox folder, which can be accessed via the following link:


If you are unable to access the Dropbox folder, please contact the Conference team via ase2021@deakin.edu.au as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements for you.

Please ensure you have uploaded your video to the Conference One Drive by COB on Monday 8th November so we can QA them, upload to Whova etc.

Demo, Late-breaking result, and doctoral symposium paper conference showcase sessions

Demo papers, late breaking result papers, doctoral symposium papers and student research competition papers will be showcased during the main conference in demo and poster sessions, mostly during the third hour after some selected sessions. This is an opportunity to see/ask for a “live” demo and to discuss poster contents and research results more interactively.

Please prepare a poster summarising your work. We are not as restricted as with a physical poster session but a single page PDF with large font / diagrams with readable text for other conference attendees a monitor/laptop/tablet should be aimed for. Please see the excellent SIGACCESS accessibility guidelines above to take into account differently-abled ASE community members! Please upload a PDF to the dropbox link above with naming convention of


Demo, LBR, and DS showcase sessions will begin with recorded lightening talk videos and then use Whova breakout rooms for individual discussions.

We would like to start these sessions with a set of “lightning talk” presentations also available in advance in Whova. Please record a short lightening talk video of approximately ONE (1) minute advertising your work and encouraging people to come and talk to you in your “booth”. We will also make these available with your poster in the Whova session. Please also upload the recording to the dropbox link above with naming convention of


Paper presentations

We will send out detailed information to access your Whova account for the conference shortly. This will include “rooms” for each session, Zoom links, discussion forums, post-session survey links, etc. Student volunteers will provide Zoom room control and Programme Committee members will act as Session chairs for introductions, time-keeping, handling Q&A etc.

Please login and go to your session “room” at least 15mins prior to the session start to meet the session chair, check your Zoom room connection, test screen sharing etc.

The session chair may ask how to pronounce your name, and you can ask them how to pronounce their name if you do not know it. The session chair will introduce you before your talk. This introduction is an opportunity to tell the audience a little bit about you. In particular, you may want to let your session chair know if you or your co-authors are looking for an internship, looking for a job, or hiring.

You are encouraged to share your slides and any other related material links via the conference Whova platform. We will send instructions to do this as soon as possible.

Showcase sessions

We will play the lightening videos at start and let attendees visit Whova “booths” to discuss posters/work directly with authors.

Please login and go to your session “room” at least 15mins prior to the session start to check your Whova session connection, test screen sharing etc.