ECSA 2023
Mon 18 - Fri 22 September 2023 Istanbul, Turkey

Gala Dinner

Villa Bosphorus - Beylerbeyi

The gala dinner will take place in the Villa Bosphorus restaturant, which is located in Istanbul, in the exceptional coastal town of Beylerbeyi, located right at the foot of the Bosphorus Bridge, which connects Asia and Europe.Villa Bosphorus Beylerbeyi stands proudly by the sea and serves as a historical mansion with the longest coastline. With its position overlooking both bridges, it is also one of the first fish restaurants that comes to mind when thinking of Istanbul.

• Related Information about Villa Bosphorus-Beylerbeyi:

The banquet to be held at Villa Bosphorus-Beylerbeyi will take place on September 21st at between 19:00-23:00

The banquet bus will leave infront of the Yeditepe University Rectorate (Tr. Rektörlük) Building.

City Tour

Kadıköy-Moda Tour

Kadıköy is a large, populous, and cosmopolitan district of Istanbul, Turkey on the northern shore of the Sea of Marmara, facing the historic city centre on the European side of the Bosporus. Kadikoy, with its lively atmosphere and city life, historical buildings, being an important transportation hub, market, large young and student population, cultural events & arts, shopping centers, cafes, pubs and restaurants by the seaside and inland and lively nightlife and the nearby residential suburb of beautiful Moda, is one of the most popular and colorful districts of Istanbul.

• Kadıköy Dock

Kadikoy Dock is one of the places where the silhouette of Istanbul can be seen most beautifully at sunset.

• Haydarpaşa Railway Station

In 1871 Sultan Abdülaziz ordered the first railway line to be built from Haydarpaşa in Istanbul to İzmit. Haydarpaşa station (Tr: Haydarpaşa Garı) was the main city terminal until 2012 for trains travelling to and from the Anatolian side of Turkey. It used to be Turkey's busiest railway station. The station building still houses the headquarters for District 1 of the State Railways but since a fire in 2010 the station has not been in use and its future remains uncertain.

Haydarpaşa Railway Station
Haydarpaşa Railway Station

• Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage

Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage (Turkish: Kadıköy Haldun Taner Sahnesi) is a theatre venue located in Kadıköy. The theatre is named in honor of the Turkish playwright Haldun Taner (1915- 1986).

After its complete renovation in 1984, the building was assigned to Istanbul University for use as conservatory in 1986.

Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage

• Bull Statue

Bull Statue in Kadıköy is one of the symbols of the Asian side of Istanbul. It is located in Kadıköy Altıyol (Eng. Six roads), in the middle of an intersection that connects six roads. Because of its history and location Kadıköy Bull Statue is one of the most popular symbols and busiest meeting points in Istanbul. The Bull Statue has traveled from Paris to Istanbul and has more than 150 years of age.

Bull Statue

• Nazım Hikmet Culture Center - Piraye Café

The tour will take a break at Piraye Café. Those who want, can eat or drink within their own budget.

 Nazım Hikmet Culture Center - Piraye Café

• Moda Seaside

Moda is a very peaceful and green neighborhood of Kadikoy. The Moda Coastal Park is one of the most well-known and stunning areas on Istanbul's Anatolian shore.

The place became an outstanding residential area only after the 1870s, when wealthy non-Muslims settled down there by building their own mansions. It is a multi-cultural place with Armenian, Greek and Anglican churchs, Georgian art house, theatres, French Lycée Saint-Joseph, Kadıköy Anatolian High School, old curiosity shops, fish and international food restaurants.

Moda Seaside

• Related Information about Kadıköy-Moda tour:

City tour is divided into two days, please fill in the form for participate on 19th or please fill in the form for participate on 22nd and give us the information about which day you will attend.

1- City tour -1 will take place on September 19th at between 17:45-21:30

2- City tour -2 will take place on September 22th at between 17:00-20:45.

The tour bus will leave infront of the Yeditepe University Rectorate (Tr. Rektörlük) Building. Quota will be 30 participants maximum in both tours.

Welcome Reception

• Related Information about elcome Reception:

The Welcome Reception to be held at 5th floor hall of the rectorate building will take place on September 20th at between 18:00-20:00

Bull Statue