ECSA 2023
Mon 18 - Fri 22 September 2023 Istanbul, Turkey

To make your stay in İstanbul more pleasant, we put together a few tips for daily routine.


The easiest way how to get to İstanbul is by plane to the İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. To get to the venue, take the subway to Kadıköy. As another option, you can also take the Havaist bus to go to Kadıköy (35 TL). After reaching to Kadıköy, take bus no 19 to Yeditepe University station.

Our Campus, located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, can be easily accessed with public transportation options such as buses from central locations such as Kadıköy, Bostancı and Pendik, using the metro line. Also, you may use our shuttle buses in the mornings and evenings between Kozyatağı – Yeditepe University. All the locations above can be reached by shuttle buses and taxis from both international airports of Istanbul. During ECSA’23, shuttle buses from Kadıköy to Yeditepe University will be provided and 2 daily shuttle buses from the hotels our guests are staying at.

When planning your trips, Google (and similar) maps work fine.

Since it is not easy to get a taxi in İstanbul, you can also use taxi call applications for both android and ios .


The local currency is called “Turkish Lira” (TL) and 1 USD is roughly equivalent to 19 Turkish Liras (TL) and 1 EU is roughly equivalent to 21 Turkish Liras (TL). Just to give you a few ideas about regular prices:

  • lunch menu in a common restaurant in Istanbul would be typically between 100 and 200 TL,
  • and taxi usually charges 10 TL/km, also between Kadıköy and Yeditepe University charges 150TL.
  • Between İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Yeditepe University charges 250TL.

Public transport

Istanbul offers you three types of mass transport – buses, trams, ferries and the Metro (subway). Unless you travel outside the city, you will be needing tickets. You can buy unified tickets in vending machines which are located in all Metro stations and selected other important locations.

  • Single ticket = 20 TL
  • two-pass ticket = 30 TL
  • three-pass ticket = 50 TL
  • five-pass ticket = 60 TL
  • ten-pass ticket = 110 TL

You must mark the ticket in a marking machine so it becomes valid (the machine will print the current time on the ticket). Marking machines are located on every bus, every tram, and just before the escalators in the Metro stations.

For more information, please visit the official Istanbul public transport web page.


  • You can reach Kadikoy from Yeditepe University by 16F or 19F bus lines from the lower gate of the school. Also, you can reach Kadıköy from the upper gate of the school by 19 bus line.
  • You can take a ferry from Kadikoy to Eminonu and then join the Bosphorus tours. Price range from 40 TL - 65 TL . You can reach all the information from Istanbul City Lines.

  • You can take a nostalgic tour of Kadikoy and reach Moda by using the Kadikoy-Moda Tramway Line.


We trust nothing is going to happen to you and Istanbul is considered to be quite a safe place. However, it is better to be prepared, so there are a few things to remember:

  • When you call 112, they will direct you to the emergency service you want.

Despite the fact that İstanbul is considered safe, we would still advise you to exercise general caution — e.g., not to venture into secluded, suspiciously-looking locations, especially alone and at night.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the conference and your stay in Istanbul!