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ICGSE 2020
Sat 23 - Sun 24 May 2020 Location to be announced
co-located with ICSE 2020

Registration Period

Registration will open by June 10th.

The registration pages will remain open until July 19th. However, to enable event organizers to monitor and control attendance, and provide services only to those who pay registration fees, the cutoff period for registering for any particular event is the end of the day on Thursday preceding the week during which the event begins. This means that the following cutoff dates will be enforced.

Registration Cutoff Date Event(s)
June 25 Events that begin between June 27 and July 3, inclusive
July 2 Events that begin between July 4 and July 10, inclusive (includes the Main Program)
July 9 Events that begin between July 11 and July 19, inclusive

Registration Link

A link to the registration site will be posted here when registration opens.

Registration Fees

Please see the explanatory notes below the fee listing for information that may answer questions that you have about these fees.

Fees are listed in Korean Won (KRW)

 Main Conference (July 6 - 11)
    Authors: 420,000 KRW [currency converter]
        Non-Students: 60,000 KRW [currency converter]
        Students: 30,000 KRW [currency converter]

 Co-Located Events (July 27 – July 3 and July 11 – July 19)
    Authors: 180,000 KRW [currency converter]
    Non-Authors: 30,000 KRW [currency converter]

 Workshops (July 27 – July 3 and July 11 – July 19)
    Authors: 60,000 KRW [currency converter]
    Non-Authors: 30,000 KRW [currency converter]

Explanatory Notes:

  1. For the Main Conference, for each published paper in the Proceedings for the Technical Program, NIER, SEET, SEIP, and SEIS tracks, one of the Authors of that paper is required to register at the “Authors” rate; however, different papers do not each require unique authors to register for them. This “Author” requirement does not apply to presenters of Journal First papers, Demos, or Posters. If you are presenting a Journal-First Paper, a Demo, or a Poster, you may register at the appropriate Non-Author rate (unless, of course, you need to register as an Author for some published paper, in which case, that registration fee covers your full participation in any other presentations.)

  2. Registration for Co-Located Events is per Event. For each event, for each published paper in that Co-Located Event’s proceedings, one Author of that paper is required to register at the “Authors” rate. All other persons may register at the Non-Author rate.

  3. Registration for Workshops (with the exception of special workshops, discussed in the next item) is done in “bundles”. You may select between one and four Workshops for a single specified fee. However, for each Workshop, for each published paper in that Workshop’s Proceedings, one Author of that paper in that Workshop is required to register at the “Authors” rate. All other persons may register at the Non-Author rate.

  4. Registration for the three special ICSE Workshops (The New Faculty Symposium, the Doctoral Symposium, and the Software Mentoring Workshop) is handled separately from registration for other Workshops, and participants must register for each of these separately. Registration fees for the New Faculty Symposium and Doctoral Symposium events are set to the Non-Author registration rate. Registration for the Software Mentoring Worshop is free (but you must register in order to attend).

  5. Not all Workshops that had originally planned to join ICSE 2020 have elected to join Virtual ICSE 2020. Registration fees are assessed only for those Workshops that have chosen to join, and only these Workshops are listed on the Registration pages. If you are interested in a Workshop that is not listed on the Registration page, contact the organizers of that Workshop directly.

  6. If you are an Organizer of an ICSE 2020 Co-Located Event or Workshop, to allow you to monitor and control attendance, we will provide information on your registrants to you as soon as possible following the closing date for registration to your event. (Contact the registration company at the address below for earlier updates.)

  7. If you have previously registered for the original ICSE 2020 program scheduled for May, and if you have not yet canceled that registration and received a refund of your fees, any prior balance of your payments that is being held by ICSE 2020 will be accounted for when your registration for Virtual ICSE is processed, provided that you register for Virtual ICSE no later than the last of the three cutoff dates, which is July 9. If your prior registration fees exceed the amount that you are required to pay for your registration to Virtual ICSE 2020, you will receive a refund of the difference. See also the Section on the “Cancellation and Refund Policy” below.

Registration Fee Includes

Attendance of all sessions associated with the events that you register for, and full participation in any interactive events (chats, question and answer sessions social events, and so forth) associated with those sessions.

Payment Methods

By Credit Card

This payment method is provided by Eximbay and is billed as www.eximbay.com. The billing descriptor will be listed as EXIMBAY.COM

Wire Transfer

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel a prior registration to ICSE 2020, that was made before the physical conference was canceled, please contact the registration company at the email address listed below.

You may cancel any registrations that you make for any Virtual ICSE 2020 events up until the cutoff dates for those events (listed above). To do so, please contact the registration company at the email address listed below.

Due to the changes in registration processes and fees that ICSE 2020 has been forced to implement, and due to the complexities involved in handling these, it is possible that despite all of our efforts made to test the registration system, errors may occur in the online processing of registration refunds. If you believe that some error has occurred in processing your registration or any refunds that you are due, please contact the registration company at the email address listed below, and we will make every attempt to correct any errors.

Registration-Related Inquiries

If you have any questions regarding your registrations, please contact the Registration Company via email at reg@icse2020.org.

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