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MSR 2022
Mon 23 - Tue 24 May 2022
co-located with ICSE 2022

May 14, 2022

Dear MSR 2022 In-Person Participants and Presenters,

Thank you very much for supporting the first in-person MSR event since the start of the pandemic. Based on the information that ICSE shared on May 6 (the official last day to register for the virtual or in-person MSR), more than 80 have registered for the in-person event. In case you know of friends and colleagues who registered for the in-person after May 6, please forward this email to them.

MSR 2022 In-Person Program

The MSR 2022 in-person program, which was crafted collaboratively with participants who registered by the early registration deadline, will feature:

  • A Keynote talk entitled "From Models to Systems: Rethinking the Role of Software Engineering for Machine Learning" by Christian Kästner
  • A Most Influential Paper award talk for the MSR 2012 paper "GHTorrent: Github's Data from a Firehose" by Georgios Gousios (co-authored with Diomidis Spinellis)
  • Five blended technical sessions featuring 30 talks from the Technical, Data and Tool Showcase, Mining Challenge, and Registered Report Tracks
  • A networking and poster session
  • Two brainstorming and discussion sessions
  • A dinner (in a "heavy" reception style)
  • An award session

Detailed information about the in-person program is available on the following page:


Local Arrangements and Attendance Requirements

Please refer to the following page for some FAQs – more information may be added in the next few days:


Please note the requirements that ICSE has for in-person registration. Note that all attendees of MSR need to abide by these requirements as well (please see "What are some requirements for attending the in-person event?" on the FAQ page above).

Awards Session

There will be an awards session at the end of the in-person program for the following award winners who plan to attend the in-person event:

  • Georgios Gousios, who won the Most Influential Paper Award (with Diomidis Spinellis) for their MSR 2012 paper entitled "GHTorrent: Github’s Data from a Firehose"
  • Gustavo Pinto, who won the MSR Ric Holt Early Career Achievement Award for "his seminal contributions to the study of software sustainability, along dimensions of energy-consumption and social aspects of open source".
  • Johannes Härtel, who won an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award (with Ralf Lämmel) for their MSR 2022 paper entitled "Operationalizing Threats to MSR Studies by Simulation-Based Testing"
  • Anthony Peruma, Eman Abdullah AlOmar, and Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer, who won the Best Mining Challenge Paper Award (with Christian D. Newman and Ali Ouni) for their MSR 2022 paper entitled "Refactoring Debt: Myth or Reality? An Exploratory Study on the Relationship Between Technical Debt and Refactoring"
  • Stefano Zacchiroli, who won a Data and Tool Showcase Award for his MSR 2022 paper entitled "A Large-scale Dataset of (Open Source) License Text Variants"

Note: If you are among the authors listed at https://conf.researchr.org/info/msr-2022/awards but your name is not listed above, please inform us by replying to this email. Some awards (e.g., Mining Challenge Best Student Presentation) will be decided during the virtual MSR 2022 (by voting). For these awards, due to the short gap between virtual and in-person events, we may not be able to print award certificates to be presented during the award session of the in-person event.

Information for Presenters of Blended Technical Sessions

As we shared in earlier correspondence, the allocated time for the presentation of contributions to the different MSR tracks is as follows:

  • Technical track regular paper: 15 minutes
  • Technical track short paper and other tracks: 8 minutes

The sessions will be organized in the style of a “working conference”. At the end of each talk, a few short clarification questions can be raised; however, a full discussion will only happen after all the talks of the session have been presented during a joint Q&A session. This is slightly different from the presentation during the virtual MSR, where no questions are discussed in between talks. The 15-minute and 8-minute time slots include time for short clarification questions; thus, please budget for 1 to 2 minutes of your talk for these clarification questions.

Please bring your own computing device (laptop, power and display adapters, etc.) for the presentation. Please look for your session chair – they are identified in the in-person program (https://conf.researchr.org/info/msr-2022/in-person) – and test that your device can successfully connect to the projector 20 minutes before the start of your session.

Information for Poster Presenters

As we shared in earlier correspondence, the maximum size of your poster is 3’x4’ (36 inches by 48 inches). The poster mounts can rotate, so either landscape or portrait orientation will be fine. The poster session will be organized on Monday, May 23 (3.30-5:00 pm, local Pittsburgh time).

ICSE has informed us that MSR will have 35 poster boards. So far, there are 14 people who have registered their interest to present their accepted MSR 2022 papers as posters. Thus, there is still plenty of space! If you have an accepted MSR 2022 paper scheduled for a talk and would like to present it as a poster as well, please print your posters and bring them to MSR 2022!

Thank you very much for your active participation and we are looking forward to welcoming you soon in Pittsburgh!

Yours Sincerely,

David, General Chair
Shane and Nicole, Program Co-Chairs
Bogdan and Iftekhar, Hybridization (Local) Co-Chairs

On behalf of

MSR 2022 Organization Team (https://conf.researchr.org/committee/msr-2022/msr-2022-organizing-committee)