Sun 10 - Wed 13 December 2023 Dornbirn, Austria

The FHV is located in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg’s largest city. Vorarlberg (the westernmost state of Austria) is located in the four-country corner of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Dornbirn is located about 10 km from Lake Constance.

Vorarlberg does not have its own airport, the arrival by plane is via the nearby international airports of Zurich (CH) and Munich (DE). The arrival via Austrian airports (Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck) is also possible, but these are somewhat further away from Dornbirn than the airports of Zurich and Munich.

Journey via smaller airports in neighbouring Switzerland (Altenrhein) or Germany (Friedrichshafen, Memmingen) can also be considered, however, these airports are only served by smaller airlines. Nevertheless, it might be worth the check because during winter Friedrichshafen has daily flights to/from Frankfurt.

Once arrived at the destination airport, we suggest that you continue by train. Here are the links to the time tables you might need:

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