VL/HCC 2023
Mon 2 - Fri 6 October 2023 Washington, DC, United States

Most Influential Paper

YoungSeok Yoon, Brad A. Myers, Sebon Koo. Visualization of Fine-Grained Code Change History. VL/HCC 2013.

Best Paper

Nischal Shrestha, Bhavya Chopra, Austin Henley and Chris Parnin. Detangler: Helping Data Scientists Explore, Understand, and Debug Data Wrangling Pipelines

Honorable Mention

Ian Drosos, Nicholas Wilson, Sruti Srinivasa Ragavan, Jack Williams and Andrew D. Gordon. FxD: a functional debugger for dysfunctional spreadsheets

Best Short Paper

Yuhan Lin, David Weintrop and Jason McKenna. Coder and Coder Cards: A Novel Tangible Programming Approach to Support Young Programmers

Honorable Mention Short Paper

Minhyuk Ko, Dibyendu Brinto Bose, Hemayet Ahmed Chowdhury, Mohammed Seyam and Chris Brown. Exploring the Barriers and Factors that Influence Debugger Usage for Students