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LCTES 2019
Sat 22 - Fri 28 June 2019 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
co-located with PLDI 2019
Sun 23 Jun 2019 16:25 - 16:30 at 105A - Session 4: Benchmarking and In-progress Works Chair(s): Hyunok Oh

The need to analyze and execute binaries from legacy ISAs on new or different ISAs has been addressed in a variety of ways over the past few decades. Solutions using complementary static and dynamic binary translation techniques have been deployed in most real-world situations. As new ISAs are designed and legacy ISAs re-examined, the need for binary translation infrastructure re-emerges, and needs to be re-engineered all over again.

Work in progress is aimed to make the re-engineering efforts easier by using some of the software tools that would irrespectively be developed or available for a new or existing ISA. To that end, this work presents a static binary raiser that translates binaries to LLVM IR. Native binaries for a new ISA are generated from the raised LLVM IR using the LLVM compiler backend or LLVM phases are written to analyze the legacy binary.

This work leverages the existing LLVM infrastructure to implement a static raiser that currently supports raising Arm32 and x64 binaries to LLVM IR. The raiser is built as an LLVM tool – similar to \texttt{llvm-objdump} or \texttt{clang} and does not have any dependencies outside of those needed to build LLVM. This paper describes the phases of the raiser and gives the current status and limitations.

Sun 23 Jun
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16:00 - 16:45: LCTES 2019 - Session 4: Benchmarking and In-progress Works at 105A
Chair(s): Hyunok OhHanyang Univ
LCTES-2019-papers16:00 - 16:15
Kyle DaruwallaUniversity of Wisconsin – Madison, Heng ZhuoUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison, Carly SchulzUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison, Mikko H. Lipasti
LCTES-2019-papers16:15 - 16:20
Greg StittUniversity of Florida, David CampbellUniversity of Florida
LCTES-2019-papers16:20 - 16:25
Andrea MaioliPolitecnico di Milano, Italy, Luca MottolaPolitecnico di Milano, Italy and RI.Se SICS, Sweden, Muhammad Hamad AlizaiLUMS, Pakistan, Junaid Haroon SiddiquiLahore University of Management Sciences
LCTES-2019-papers16:25 - 16:30
LCTES-2019-papers16:30 - 16:35
Yongseung YuHanyang University, Seokwon KangHanyang University, Yongjun ParkHanyang University
LCTES-2019-papers16:35 - 16:40
Mostafa MohammedVirginia Tech, Haipeng CaiWashington State University Pullman, Na MengVirginia Tech