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ASE 2020
Mon 21 - Fri 25 September 2020 Melbourne, Australia
Thu 24 Sep 2020 16:00 - 16:20 at Kangaroo - Mobile App (2) Chair(s): Eric Bodden

Experience paper: Testing of mobile apps is time-consuming and requires a great deal of manual effort. For this reason, industry and academic researchers have proposed a number of test-input- generation techniques for automating app testing. Although useful, these techniques have weaknesses and limitations that often pre- vent them from achieving high coverage. We believe that one of the reasons for these limitations is that tool developers tend to focus mainly on improving the strategy the techniques employ to explore app behavior, whereas limited effort has been put into investigating other ways to improve the performance of these tech- niques. To address this problem, and get a better understanding of the limitations of input-generation techniques for mobile apps, we conducted an in-depth study of the limitations of Monkey–arguably the most widely used tool for automated testing of Android apps. Specifically, in our study, we manually analyzed Monkey’s perfor- mance on 68 benchmarks to identify the common limitations that prevent the tool from achieving better coverage results. We then assessed the coverage improvement that Monkey could achieve if these limitations were eliminated. In our analysis of the results, we also discuss whether other existing test-input-generation tools suffer from these common limitations and provide insights on how they could address them.

Thu 24 Sep

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16:00 - 17:00
Mobile App (2)NIER track / Tool Demonstrations / Research Papers at Kangaroo
Chair(s): Eric Bodden Heinz Nixdorf Institut, Paderborn University and Fraunhofer IEM
Seven Reasons Why: An In-Depth Study of the Limitations of Random Test Input Generation for AndroidExperience
Research Papers
Farnaz Behrang Georgia Tech, Alessandro Orso Georgia Tech
Test Automation in Open-Source Android Apps: A Large-Scale Empirical Study
Research Papers
Jun-Wei Lin University of California, Irvine, Navid Salehnamadi University of California, Irvine, Sam Malek University of California at Irvine, USA
A Framework for Automated Test Mocking of Mobile Apps
NIER track
Mattia Fazzini University of Minnesota, Alessandra Gorla IMDEA Software Institute, Alessandro Orso Georgia Tech
AirMochi – A Tool for Remotely Controlling iOS Devices
Tool Demonstrations
Nikola Lukic University of Southern California, Saghar Talebipour University of Southern California, Nenad Medvidović University of Southern California, USA