ECSA 2023
Mon 18 - Fri 22 September 2023 Istanbul, Turkey
Thu 21 Sep 2023 12:15 - 12:30 at Mavi Salon - Knowledge Chair(s): Patrizia Scandurra

System-level testing of healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) applications requires creating a test infrastructure with integrated medical devices and third-party applications. A significant challenge in creating such test infrastructure is that healthcare IoT applications evolve continuously with the addition of new medical devices from different vendors and new services offered by different third-party organizations following different architectures. Moreover, creating test infrastructure with a large number of different types of medical devices is time-consuming, financially expensive, and practically infeasible. Oslo City healthcare department faced these challenges while working with various healthcare IoT applications. This paper presents a real-world software architecture (HITA) to create a test infrastructure for healthcare IoT applications. We discuss the quality requirements achieved by HITA and the status of work products developing as a part of HITA. We also present our experiences and lessons learned from the architectural work related to HITA.

Thu 21 Sep

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11:00 - 12:30
KnowledgeIndustry Program / Journal First at Mavi Salon
Chair(s): Patrizia Scandurra University of Bergamo, Italy
Learning From Each Other: How Are Architectural Mistakes Communicated in Industry?Long Paper
Industry Program
Marion Wiese Universität Hamburg, MIN Fakultät, FB Informatik, André van Hoorn University of Hamburg, Germany, Axel-Frederik Brand
Carving Sustainability into Architecture Knowledge PracticeLong Paper
Industry Program
Markus Funke Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Patricia Lago Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Software Architecture for Quantum Computing Systems - A Systematic ReviewFull Paper
Journal First
Arif Ali Khan , Aakash Ahmad School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany, Peng Liang Wuhan University, China, Mahdi Fahmideh University of Southern Queensland, Tommi Mikkonen University of Helsinki, Pekka Abrahamsson University of Jyväskylä, Muhammad Waseem Wuhan University, China
HITA: An Architecture for System-level Testing of Healthcare IoT ApplicationsShort Paper
Industry Program
Hassan Sartaj Simula Research Laboratory, Shaukat Ali Simula Research Laboratory and Oslo Metropolitan University, Tao Yue Beihang University, Kjetil Moberg