Tue 24 Oct 2023 14:00 - 15:30 at Oak Alley - Session 7

Title: Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering (NaPiRE) – Investigation of Human Factors

Session Chairs: Daniel Mendez, Teresa Baldassarre, Marcos Kalinowski, Stefan Wagner


At ISERN 2012, we conducted a thematic workshop to plan the first globally family of distributed surveys on industrial requirements engineering (RE) practices and problems, called NaPiRE (Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering). The overall goal of NaPiRE was to define a theory on RE practices and problems. Since then, the initiative - hosted now under the umbrella of ISERN – has grown in various directions and involved over 50 researchers from 22 countries. One direction included, for instance, the investigation of practices and challenges in RE for ML-enabled, software-intensive products. Details about the project can be taken from http://www.re-survey.org

In this ISERN session, we aim at re-designing the next iteration of NaPiRE with a particular focus on human factors. Topics in scope include, if not limited to, practices and challenges associated with communication, creativity, and innovation through RE.

Session goals The goals of this upcoming thematic workshop is to jointly :

  • Bring in new researchers in participating in future replications.

  • Discuss in the group of participants the background and results from the past NaPiRE iterations.

  • Identify areas in human factors that may be of interest to explore by the community.

  • Agree on a roadmap to design the instrument and data collection for the next NaPiRE iteration.

If available, we plan to use the open space event during day 1 to introduce interested ISERN members not previously involved into the project and, if necessary, prepare them for the session.

Development of the session:

To conduct the workshop in a systematic manner, we propose to: * Introduce the complete NaPiRE background, underlying processes, and results achieved so far. * Conduct group discussion on future direction of NaPiRE with respect to human factors. * Agree on a time schedule and project organisation based on a proposal brought in by the organisers.

Expected outcome and plan for continuing the work beyond ISERN session:

The whole workshop is intended to strengthen the collaboration in the community and jointly plan the next NaPiRE iteration after the ISERN meeting. We will continue to steer the family of surveys over the next years and to build a continuum in this project under the umbrella of ISERN whereby this workshop builds one consequent next step in this endeavour.

Resources needed to conduct the session:

We suggest the following resources for the workshop: * Projector for introductory presentation. * Flipchart or white board, sticky notes and markers / pens.

Expected knowledge:

Members who already conducted the RE survey in this year are expected to participate. Members not previously involved should read the information provided on the website http://www.napire.org as well as the documents listed therein.

Tue 24 Oct

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14:00 - 15:30
Session 7ISERN at Oak Alley
Session 7: Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering (NaPiRE) – Investigation of Human Factors
Daniel Mendez Blekinge Institute of Technology, Maria Teresa Baldassarre Department of Computer Science, University of Bari , Marcos Kalinowski Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Stefan Wagner