ICGT 2023
Wed 19 - Thu 20 July 2023 Leicester, United Kingdom
co-located with STAF 2023
Thu 20 Jul 2023 16:30 - 17:00 at Willow - ICGT Session 8: Tools & Applications Chair(s): Rachid Echahed

Sequential model synchronisation is the task of propagating changes from one model to another correlated one to restore consistency. It is challenging to perform this propagation in a least-changing way that avoids unnecessary deletions (which might cause information loss). From a theoretical point of view, so-called short-cut (SC) rules have been developed that enable provably correct propagation of changes while avoiding information loss. However, to be able to react to every possible change, an infinite set of such rules might be necessary. Practically, only small sets of pre-computed basic SC rules have been used, severely restricting the kind of changes that can be propagated without loss of information. In this work, we close that gap by developing an approach to compute more complex required SC rules on-the-fly during synchronisation. These higher-order SC rules allow us to cope with more complex scenarios when multiple changes must be handled in one step. We implemented our approach in the model transformation tool eMoflon. An evaluation shows that the overhead of computing higher-order SC rules on-the-fly is tolerable and at times even improves the overall performance. Above that, completely new scenarios can be dealt with without the loss of information.

Thu 20 Jul

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15:30 - 17:15
ICGT Session 8: Tools & ApplicationsResearch Papers at Willow
Chair(s): Rachid Echahed University of Grenoble - CNRS

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Implementing the λGT Language: A Functional Language with Graphs as First-Class Data
Research Papers
P: Jin Sano Waseda University, Kazunori Ueda Waseda University
DOI File Attached
Computing k-Bisimulations for Large Graphs: A Comparison and Efficiency Analysis
Research Papers
Jannik Rau Ulm University, P: David Richerby University of Essex, Ansgar Scherp Ulm University
DOI Pre-print
Advanced Consistency Restoration with Higher-Order Short-Cut Rules
Research Papers
P: Lars Fritsche TU Darmstadt, Germany, Jens Kosiol Universität Kassel, Adrian Möller TU Darmstadt, Germany, Andy Schürr TU Darmstadt, Germany
Day closing
ICGT Conference Closing
Research Papers
Maribel Fernandez King's College London, Reiko Heckel University of Leicester, Chris Poskitt Singapore Management University