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Abstract: The first object-oriented language SIMULA was designed for modeling as well as programming. The situation today is that we have two more or less disjoint communities: one focusing on object-oriented programming and one focusing on object-oriented modeling. In the programming community, reuse is considered the main advantage of object-orientation with no explicit focus on modeling. The object-oriented modeling community is of course concerned with modeling, but the main focus seems to be on language elements for drawing diagrams, and little about how to actually apply modeling. In this paper, we argue that you need a conceptual framework in order to apply modeling as well as programming. Such a conceptual framework was developed during development of the Beta language, and we describe part of this in this paper. Finally, we discuss some of the implications a conceptual framework may have on object-oriented modeling and/or programming languages. The philosophy underlying this paper is that programing is modeling, and that modeling and programming communities should join forces.

Mon 2 Oct

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C: Stein Erik Ellevseth , C: Peter Herrmann Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
What your mother forgot to tell you about modeling - and programming
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