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MSR 2022
Mon 23 - Tue 24 May 2022
co-located with ICSE 2022
Thu 19 May 2022 04:12 - 04:19 at MSR Main room - even hours - Session 9: Scaling & Cloud Chair(s): Lwin Khin Shar

Cloud computing promises to enhance business flexibility, efficiency, scalability, and reliability. According to a recent survey from O’Reilly, cloud adoption is steadily rising across industries, with 90% of organizations using cloud computing. Not only is cloud adoption growing, but enterprises are approaching cloud migration aggressively. Often, it is incorrectly assumed that services rendered by cloud either as platform or infrastructure will itself deliver the business outcomes of improved availability, business performance, security, and efficiency provided the application delivers the functionality. This is far from true. Cloud applications must be optimally architected, tested and operated for realizing the intended business outcomes. The considerations, choices and decisions taken in each of these lifecycle phases impact technical performance and as a result business outcome. Architecture considerations include decisions on choice of cloud services to be employed, design principles to apply, configuration parameters to tune, etc. Testing considerations include simulation of load and fault conditions that closely mirror runtime conditions and mining behavior for anomalies and faults. Operations considerations include monitoring critical parameters, identifying imminent failures (a.k.a incidents), taking preventive decisions, detecting failures, and taking recovery decisions etc. The challenge for businesses is that the cloud application runtime behavior consequences of these decisions are not easily envisaged by architects, developers, testers, and operators leading to sub-optimal business outcomes, reliability, and security issues. In addition, the decisions taken by architects, testers and operators are often inconsistent and incompatible with each other further aggravating the problem. In this Industry Track Paper (single pager) we intend to present these challenges and call for industry-academic collaboration to explore mining and modeling approaches to address the challenges

Thu 19 May

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04:00 - 04:50
Session 9: Scaling & CloudIndustry Track / Registered Reports / Data and Tool Showcase Track / Technical Papers at MSR Main room - even hours
Chair(s): Lwin Khin Shar Singapore Management University
SniP: An Efficient Stack Tracing Framework for Multi-threaded Programs
Data and Tool Showcase Track
Arun KP Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Saurabh Kumar Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Debadatta Mishra , Biswabandan Panda Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
DOI Pre-print
Tooling for Time- and Space-efficient git Repository Mining
Data and Tool Showcase Track
Fabian Heseding Hasso Plattner Institute, Digital Engineering Faculty, University of Potsdam, Willy Scheibel Hasso Plattner Institute, Digital Engineering Faculty, University of Potsdam, Jürgen Döllner Hasso Plattner Institute, Digital Engineering Faculty, University of Potsdam
TSSB-3M: Mining single statement bugs at massive scale
Data and Tool Showcase Track
Cedric Richter Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg / University of Oldenburg, Heike Wehrheim Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg / University of Oldenburg
Pre-print Media Attached
Improved Business Outcomes from Cloud Applications – using Integrated Process and Runtime Product Data Mining
Industry Track
Mahesh Venkataraman Accenture, Reuben George Accenture, Jeff Wilkinson Accenture
Improve Quality of Cloud Serverless Architectures through Software Repository Mining
Industry Track
Toward Granular Automatic Unit Test Case Generation
Registered Reports
Fabiano Pecorelli Tampere University, Giovanni Grano LocalStack, Fabio Palomba University of Salerno, Harald C. Gall University of Zurich, Andrea De Lucia University of Salerno
Live Q&A
Discussions and Q&A
Technical Papers

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